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Re: ASA/Circle to GTA/Roadrace Conversion Build Thread

Postby Moe Colontonio » Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:38 pm

I went over the oil line routing with Jeremy Schwanke in detail, and I had it correct. Oddly my Moroso Oil Pan was marked backwards, with the rear "INLET" marke "Pressure out". The hole towards the rear of the block should be pressure in, and I have confirmed this. Anyway, lines were hooked up correctly, but he suggested I move the oil filter to the line before the radiator. So the line coming out of the forward hole in the block goes through the oil filter, then into the bottom of the cooler, then out the top of the cooler through the temp sensor and into the rearward hole in the block.

The more people look at it, the more we believe it was some junk or something that got into that bearing and blocked oil to the rod.
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