SIC Report

SIC Report

Postby Bosco » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:48 am

With an ominous forecast for the weekend and dark threatening clouds all over central Florida the V8 racers took to the track Saturday morning at 9:55 for the first of two qualifying sessions for the SARRC Invitational Challenge at Daytona International Speedway. The group only got a few laps at speed as a couple of cars soon broke down on track forcing two black flags of the session. Despite the abbreviated qualifying, a few of the competitors put down some good times. As expected Juan Vento was at the point with a 1:53.180 in his Mark Miessen built Interstate Battery Corvette. Second fastest in the session was Lee Arnold in the SPO Impala. Lee's stock car was originally out of the stable of Ken Schrader and was sometimes driven by Boris Said. Whittier North Carolina racer Randy Kinsland was showing that his August Daytona performance was no fluke cutting a fine 1:56.057 in his Sam Power prepared GT-2 Corvette. Andrew Rains continued his streak of fine efforts in the Rains Racing Ford Taurus GTA class racer, posting a fast 1:56.861. Next was Jeff Hinkle in his ex Penske racing SPO class Dodge Charge with a 1:56.993. Former IMSA Kelly Series Champ Vern Smith certainly has returned to form, laying down a 1:57.106 in the White Rose Engineering GTA Monte Carlo. Bobby Kennedy only got one lap at speed in his GT2 Bemco built Ford Mustang, but it was a pretty good one at 1:57.478. While many of the rest had issues or were not satisfied with there morning performance there was the second session that went off at 3:00 PM under still dry track conditions but with the ambient now pushing mid 80's. Juan Vento improved on his first session time despite still not pushing his car hard. Juan posted a 1:52.584 to secure the overall pole. Randy Sampson layed down a fine 1:59.101 in his GTA Camaro. Sampson had missed the first session after a test day crash that left his team scrambling to find parts to make reparis. Others that improved there performance over the first session were Harry Hinkle is his SPO Dodge Charger, Ray Webb in his GT-1 Corvette, Chad Jorgensen in his GTA Olds, and Richard Smith in his GT2 Mazda RX7.

Sunday's Championship race was scheduled for twelve laps and the group lit off at 2:10 pm under dry conditions, and with Juan Vento bursting away from the field using every one of his 800 healthy horses. Lee Arnold held second in his very quick late model stock car. Bobby Kennedy in the Bemco Mustang quickly blew past Vern Smith, Jeff Hinkle, and Andrew Rains and threatening Arnold by lap two. Back in the field, Randy Kinsland in the CrossRoads Motorsports Corvette was on the move after having to start at the rear due to mechanical issues. On lap three, Jeff Hinkle had a moment so to say, when his ex Nascar Cup Dodge had a tire go down at about 170 mph in Nascar turn four. Hinkle took a quite a ride, spinning down the track, but hitting nothing but air. Andrew Rains, trailing right behind, saw the smoke, guessed to go high and lucked out.

A full course yellow appeared, bunching up the field and allowing Kennedy to close up on Arnold, with Kinsland just a couple cars back. At the restart, Vento once again checked out while Kennedy attacked Arnold in the infield. Kennedy squeezed by Arnold in three and Kinsland unexpectedly followed him through setting up a battle with Kennedy for the GT-2 win. In the GTA class, Andrew Rains led, but Randy Sampson was hanging tough, ready to pounce if Rains slipped. GT-1 points leader Ray Webb couldn't match Vento's pace, so his plan was to run solidly, make no mistakes and hope Vento faltered.

Back up toward the front, Kinsland drafted Kennedy down the back straight and then popped out to make a late braking attempt at the bus stop. The big brakes and big rubber on the Corvette gave the Corvette just enough advantage to complete the passs. Kinsland later stated he couldn't do much with Kennedy in a straight line and knew he had to take a shot, and "we will end up where we end up."

The checker flew after lap twelve with Vento alone up front in the GT-1 Corvette. Kinsland led Kennedy across the stripe to take the GT-2 medal. Lee Arnold came home fourth overall and first in SPO. Andrew Rains was next in the fine running Rains Racing Ford Taurus. Rains, the twenty one year old Auburn University student has seemingly come out of nowhere to emerge as one of the fine young "big bore" racers in the V8 Series and the country. Randy Sampson had a solid run in his Camaro, a fitting end after the trouble he had in practice. Ray Webb (GT-1) and Harry Hinkle (SPO) were next with Richard Smith in his surprisingly quick GT-2 Mazda RX-7 just behind.

Going into the V8 finale at the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta (Oct. 31- November 2) the series points leaders are:

GT-1: Ray Webb
GT-2: Randy Kinsland
GTA: Andrew Rains
SPO: Harry Hinkle

The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank the SE Divison SCCA and Central Florida Region for another outstanding event.
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Re: SIC Report

Postby Bosco » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:02 am

Note: Juan Vento was moved to second in GT-1 behind Ray Webb as result of his wing height and splitter length being a bit out of compliance. This results in Webb taking the GT-1 SARRC championship and the V8SC lead going to Atlanta.
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Re: SIC Report

Postby V8Stockcar » Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:53 pm

SIC dumb move off the race goes to me!!! With Jeff out on lap two and SIC won I let my guard down and was going to play with Bobby and moved over to let him by and there was Kingsland so I stayed wide not to mess up the GT2 race. Didn't have a working radio and Randy was late to the grid and didn't think he was in the race.
To make matters worse the yellow came out a half lap later and would not go back green.
Back in Aug. Bobby and I had a great time drafting on the speedway and was hoping to do that again.

WTG Randy to start on the tail and get the overall win after Juan's DQ and just 4 green flag laps.

Note: Harry has got the V8SPO class all but won going to the ARRC with a 20 point lead. His son Jeff came out of Daytona with a dnf and no points.
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