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Machavern, Mullins and Kinsland pick up Double Wins at DIS

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:39 am
by Bosco
Dillon Machavern, Willie Mullins and Randy Kinsland had impressive performances at Daytona this past weekend with all three taking home double wins at the Crane cams V8 StockCar points race with the Central Florida Region SCCA. Machavern the talented college freshman from Charlotte, Vermont was wheeling the family GT-1 Falcon that was constructed by his father's longtime racing partner, Tommy Riggins. DMac, as he is known, was cutting his first laps at Daytona, but you would never have guessed, as he immediately seemed at home on the high banks where his dad Dave has had so much success.

Willie Mullins was also fast from the get go in his V8 SPO Ford Fusion, the ex Robby Gordon ride displayed a good balance of speed, handling and braking in the hands of the veteran Fredericksburg, Virginia driver.

North Carolina's Randy Kinsland solidified his LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class points lead in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepared Z06 Corvette with another strong performance.

The racer's were greeted with some unexpected inclement weather as a storm rolled in from the Atlantic Saturday morning and then just pretty much sat over the speedway until after lunch. The rain left most of the group unwilling to take to the track in the conditions. Nine brave souls did however, and they were led by Kinsland and Machavern who would make up the front row. The rest of the group took their spots based on their appearance on the grid. first come, first served.

Race one of the weekend went off under overcast conditions, but with no rain present. The track was dry, save for dampness in a few corners. At the green, Machavern's big horsepower advantage instantly consumed Kinsland's Corvette and he led into one and was fleeing away from the group at an alarming rate. From the back, Nick Hazelwood, (V8 GT-1 Corvette), Bobby Kennedy (V8 GT-1 Camaro) and Ray Webb (Dodge Charger) were on the move. Hazelwood the 2012 V8 GT-2 champ was now shoeing the V8 GT-1 Corvette of Hammer Magnum racing. Hazelwood's first lap of the race was his first ever DIS lap as he did not take to the track for qualifying. Kennedy was driving the underpowered, yet still very fast Bemco Camaro.

Hazelwood quickly moved through the field to take over the second overall spot, while Kennedy slipped past Mullins for third. Ray Webb moved to challenge Lee Arnold to try and take over the fifth overall spot. Squeak Kennedy was leading the V8 GTA group initially before succumbing to tranny issues, allowing Gary Burnette to inherit the top spot in the class.

Jeff Hinkle was moving up in his ex Kurt Busch Penske Dodge, and while Randy Kinsland had slipped back in the overall order in his V8 GT-2 Corvette he was holding off the charge of Keith Goldin in his fast ex Rolex GT Mazda RX8.

At the checker, Machavern crossed the line some forty plus seconds ahead of second place finishing Hazelwood. Bobby Kennedy grabbed the third spot in the surprisingly quick LS powered Camaro built by Woody Wood at Bemco Fabrication. Fourth overall and first in V8 SPO was Willie Mullins in the Bugsy's Automotive/Crow Wing Recycling Ford Fusion. Lee Arnodl grabbed the fifth spot and second in V8 SPO in the Impala. Ray Webb held off Jeff Hinkle for sixth, with Kinsland (V8 GT-2), Rob Veschi (V8 GT-1 Mustang) and Keith Goldin next. Gary Burnette came home eleventh and first in V8 GTA. Tad Segars finished twelth overall and fourth in V8 SPO, giving him valuable points towards the class championship. Segars has a comfortable lead going in to the ARRC at Road Atlanta.

The skies had cleared for Sunday's morning race, and the grid was ordered by Saturday's race results. The front row would be Machavern and Hazelwood with Kennedy and Mullins right behind. When the green dropped, Machavern again pulled away from the field but it was immediately evident that Hazelwood and Hammer Magnum Racing had found something as they were now lapping several seconds faster than the day before. The same could be said for Mullins as he quickly used his big power to get around Kennedy. Willie and his Ford were now cutting laps in the 1:54's a mark that few big Nascar cars have reached. Kennedy had also improved and was clicking off his fastest laps ever. Ray Webb was pushing Kennedy in his big Dodge, with Arnold and Tad Segars battling for class position. It was looking like it would be a good battle for the V8 GT-2 honors between Kinsland and Keith Goldin, but on lap five Goldin got tangled with Gary Burnette's stock car resulting in some serious damage to the left front of the Mazda.
Squeak Kennedy was leading the V8 GTA contingent despite battling brake issues.

Dillon Machavern and the Falcon were first to the checker with a comfortable lead over Hazelwood and the Corvette. Mullins had put on a clinic for the other stock cars racers, coming home third overall. Bobby Kennedy was fourth in the Bemco Camaro with Webb Arnold and Segars next. Eighth overall and first in V8 GT2 was Randy Kinsland in his C5 Corvette. Rod Hatfield in his ex Dale Jr. Bud stock car had found a lot of speed as compared to Saturday's race and came home ninth overall with V8 GTA winner Squeak Kennedy tenth. Rob Veschi and his Nascar Nationwide Mustang also improved considerably, slotting in the eleventh overall spot. In all twenty seven cars took the green with only one actually registering a DNF.

Next up for the group is the season finale, the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta. Going into the ARRC, the class point leaders are as follows
Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1: Dillon Machavern
LG Motorsports V8 GT-2: Randy Kinsland V8 SPO: Tad Segars
Howe Racing V8 GTA: Randy Walker

The V8 series thanks it partners, and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Central Florida Region SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing,, GoPro,, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering,, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer and Roush Yates Performance Parts.