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Crane Cams V8 StockCar Crowns three New Champs and One Old


The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series crowned three first time champions and one old hat at the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta.
The "old hat" of course would be Kentucky's Randy Walker in V8 GTA who had came in with 144 points and no one close enough at Road Atlanta to endanger his chances of a third championship. It was a good thing, as Walker had something break in qualifying in the front end of his racer and the car darted hard left into the wall at 10 A. The resultant damage sent Walker searching the paddock for parts for his wounded Camaro. Walker found the needed parts and made repairs, but quickly found in the morning practice session that the car was still not right and withdrew from the race. Not to worry, Walker's sterling performance during the season ensured his third Champions ring.

In the Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 class, young Dillon Machavern took up where his dad, four time Champion and the winningest driver in V8 Series history left off. Dillon won six races in six starts garnering 144 points going into the ARRC. With second place Ray Webb sitting at 107 points and unable to make the race, Dillon was home safe. The Riggins Engineering built Falcon that propelled Dillon to the championship was sold just before the event, however another Riggins built car was available if needed.

In the Bemco Fabrication V8 GT-2 class, North Carolina's Randy Kinsland needed only to start the race to win his first ring, with second place racer Russ Snow unable to make the race. Kinsland compiled five wins and one second in six starts to pick up his first title. Kinsland, driving another of the well prepared CrossRoads Motorsports Corvettes was tough to beat on any track. CrossRoads Motorsports' Sam Power is the only crew chief the V8 GT-2 class has known as he also prepared the title winning cars of Bob Mayer (3 titles) and Nick Hazelwood (2012 champion).

The chase for the PitBoxes.com V8 SPO should be known as "Tads Excellent Adventure," as Tad Segars, the Hilton Head Island racer is adept at providing drama to the class. Tad lost the motor during qualifying in his Kimrey Racing Monte Carlo and had to go to his back up car. The back up ride would not have even been at Road Atlanta if Segar's sponsor Kimrey Pennington had not insisted on leaving nothing to chance.

Qualifying for the ARRC race found found Mike Skeen in the Monette Racing Group Corvette taking the overall and V8 GT-1 pole (1:22.974) over Nick Hazelwood in the Hammer-Magnum Corvette. Simon Gregg was third overall in his Derhaag Motorsports prepped Corvette. Randy Kisland grabbed the top spot in V8 GT-2 followed by Jerry Onks and Adam Andretti. Randy Walker, Bob Davis and Butch Kummer were the top three in V8 GTA. Walker as mentioned earlier damaged the car during the session and would not make the race. Jeff Hinkle put his ex Kurt Busch ride on the V8 SPO pole followed by ARCA competitor AJ Henriksen and Harry Hinkle.

When the green dropped, Skeen, the veteran of Grand Am, World Challenge and Trans Am immediately jumped out to a lead, followed by Hazelwood and Gregg. Before the race was a lap old it was black flagged as an ITO Camaro running at the back caught on fire. The race was stopped for fifteen minutes or more as track crews cleaned up the mess. The race would now be a timed event rather than a set number of laps. At the restart, Skeen again drove away while Hazelwood and Gregg battled.
Gregg slipped by Hazelwood, but could not shake the sixteen year old from his bumper. On lap four, under braking into turn ten, Hazelwood punted Gregg into the "sand trap." Hazelwood stalled, but would restart his car and continue. A full course caution ensued and Gregg, the 2012 Crane Cams V8 StockCar and Trans Am Champ was done for the day.

Adam Andretti, son of Aldo and nephew of Mario, slipped by Kinsland for the V8 GT-2 lead. Andretti was driving TA-2 type Camaro that he sometimes uses in Trans Am competition. Bob Davis was out front in V8 GTA but Butch Kummer was never more than about a second back in his BK Racing Monte Carlo.

In V8 SPO, Jeff Hinkle was having it all his way with no serious challenge. Harry Hinkle was running second in the class with Segars motoring along at the back just trying to get a finish and a championship.

The Checker flew on lap 13 due to time constraints as a result of the earlier mayhem. Mike Skeen was first across the stripe with an overall and V8 GT-1 win and a new V8 series track record in the process. Skeen's 1:21.131 eclipsed Simon Gregg's standard from 2011. Joe Freda was second overall and second in V8 GT-1 in his very cool "resto mod" 1971 Camaro. Third overall was Andretti in the GT-2 Camaro, followed by Richard Bridgette in the GT-1 Mustang he built himself. Kinsland was next in his Crossroads Motorsports Corvette with V8 SPO winner Jeff Hinkle about one second back.

In V8 GTA, Bob Davis crossed the stripe first but was moved to the last finishing spot in the class due to "non-compliant" tires on the car.
As a result, Butch Kummer picked up the class win, with Andrew Trought second in his first start with the series and first time at Road Atlanta. Andrew Rains nabbed the final spot on the podium.

The V8 Series congratulates our ARRC class winners:

Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1: Mike Skeen Monette Racing Group Corvette
Bemco Fabrication V8 GT-2: Adam Andretti, Engineered Components Camaro
Pitboxes.com V8 SPO: Jeff Hinkle: Hinkle Racing Dodge
Howe Racing V8 GTA: Butch Kummer, BK Racing Monte Carlo

In addition we congratulate our 2013 class Champions:

Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1: Dillon Machavern Heritage Motorsports Ford Falcon
Bemco Fabrication: V8 GT-2 Randy Kinsland CrossRoads Motorsports Corvette
PitBoxes.com V8 SPO: Tad Segars, Kimrey Racing Monte Carlo
Howe Racing V8 GTA: Randy Walker, Walker Properties Camaro

The V8 Series wishes to thank the Atlanta Region, the ARRC committe and all the workers for their efforts in putting on another outstanding event.

The V8 Series also thanks its' partners for 2013 and they are:

Crane Cams, SCCA, Atlanta Region SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, Bemco Fabrication, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer and Roush Yates Performance Parts.












Machavern, Mullins and Kinsland pick up Double Wins at DIS


Dillon Machavern, Willie Mullins and Randy Kinsland had impressive performances at Daytona this past weekend with all three taking home double wins at the Crane cams V8 StockCar points race with the Central Florida Region SCCA. Machavern the talented college freshman from Charlotte, Vermont was wheeling the family GT-1 Falcon that was constructed by his father's longtime racing partner, Tommy Riggins. DMac, as he is known, was cutting his first laps at Daytona, but you would never have guessed, as he immediately seemed at home on the high banks where his dad Dave has had so much success.

Willie Mullins was also fast from the get go in his Pitboxes.com V8 SPO Ford Fusion, the ex Robby Gordon ride displayed a good balance of speed, handling and braking in the hands of the veteran Fredericksburg, Virginia driver.

North Carolina's Randy Kinsland solidified his LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class points lead in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepared Z06 Corvette with another strong performance.

The racer's were greeted with some unexpected inclement weather as a storm rolled in from the Atlantic Saturday morning and then just pretty much sat over the speedway until after lunch. The rain left most of the group unwilling to take to the track in the conditions. Nine brave souls did however, and they were led by Kinsland and Machavern who would make up the front row. The rest of the group took their spots based on their appearance on the grid. first come, first served.

Race one of the weekend went off under overcast conditions, but with no rain present. The track was dry, save for dampness in a few corners. At the green, Machavern's big horsepower advantage instantly consumed Kinsland's Corvette and he led into one and was fleeing away from the group at an alarming rate. From the back, Nick Hazelwood, (V8 GT-1 Corvette), Bobby Kennedy (V8 GT-1 Camaro) and Ray Webb (Dodge Charger) were on the move. Hazelwood the 2012 V8 GT-2 champ was now shoeing the V8 GT-1 Corvette of Hammer Magnum racing. Hazelwood's first lap of the race was his first ever DIS lap as he did not take to the track for qualifying. Kennedy was driving the underpowered, yet still very fast Bemco Camaro.

Hazelwood quickly moved through the field to take over the second overall spot, while Kennedy slipped past Mullins for third. Ray Webb moved to challenge Lee Arnold to try and take over the fifth overall spot. Squeak Kennedy was leading the V8 GTA group initially before succumbing to tranny issues, allowing Gary Burnette to inherit the top spot in the class.

Jeff Hinkle was moving up in his ex Kurt Busch Penske Dodge, and while Randy Kinsland had slipped back in the overall order in his V8 GT-2 Corvette he was holding off the charge of Keith Goldin in his fast ex Rolex GT Mazda RX8.

At the checker, Machavern crossed the line some forty plus seconds ahead of second place finishing Hazelwood. Bobby Kennedy grabbed the third spot in the surprisingly quick LS powered Camaro built by Woody Wood at Bemco Fabrication. Fourth overall and first in V8 SPO was Willie Mullins in the Bugsy's Automotive/Crow Wing Recycling Ford Fusion. Lee Arnodl grabbed the fifth spot and second in V8 SPO in the V8stockCar.com Impala. Ray Webb held off Jeff Hinkle for sixth, with Kinsland (V8 GT-2), Rob Veschi (V8 GT-1 Mustang) and Keith Goldin next. Gary Burnette came home eleventh and first in V8 GTA. Tad Segars finished twelth overall and fourth in V8 SPO, giving him valuable points towards the class championship. Segars has a comfortable lead going in to the ARRC at Road Atlanta.

The skies had cleared for Sunday's morning race, and the grid was ordered by Saturday's race results. The front row would be Machavern and Hazelwood with Kennedy and Mullins right behind. When the green dropped, Machavern again pulled away from the field but it was immediately evident that Hazelwood and Hammer Magnum Racing had found something as they were now lapping several seconds faster than the day before. The same could be said for Mullins as he quickly used his big power to get around Kennedy. Willie and his Ford were now cutting laps in the 1:54's a mark that few big Nascar cars have reached. Kennedy had also improved and was clicking off his fastest laps ever. Ray Webb was pushing Kennedy in his big Dodge, with Arnold and Tad Segars battling for class position. It was looking like it would be a good battle for the V8 GT-2 honors between Kinsland and Keith Goldin, but on lap five Goldin got tangled with Gary Burnette's stock car resulting in some serious damage to the left front of the Mazda.
Squeak Kennedy was leading the V8 GTA contingent despite battling brake issues.

Dillon Machavern and the Falcon were first to the checker with a comfortable lead over Hazelwood and the Corvette. Mullins had put on a clinic for the other stock cars racers, coming home third overall. Bobby Kennedy was fourth in the Bemco Camaro with Webb Arnold and Segars next. Eighth overall and first in V8 GT2 was Randy Kinsland in his C5 Corvette. Rod Hatfield in his ex Dale Jr. Bud stock car had found a lot of speed as compared to Saturday's race and came home ninth overall with V8 GTA winner Squeak Kennedy tenth. Rob Veschi and his Nascar Nationwide Mustang also improved considerably, slotting in the eleventh overall spot. In all twenty seven cars took the green with only one actually registering a DNF.

Next up for the group is the season finale, the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta. Going into the ARRC, the class point leaders are as follows
Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1: Dillon Machavern
LG Motorsports V8 GT-2: Randy Kinsland
PitBoxes.com V8 SPO: Tad Segars
Howe Racing V8 GTA: Randy Walker

The V8 series thanks it partners, and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Central Florida Region SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer and Roush Yates Performance Parts.


High Flying at Daytona

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Road Racing Series returns to the high banks of Daytona International Speedway September 28 and 29 running with the Central Florida Region SCCA. Some thirty plus big nasty's are expected including class point leaders Dillon Machavern (V8 GT-1) Heritage Motorsports Ford Falcon, Tad Segars (V8 SPO) Kimrey Racing Monte Carlo, Randy Walker (V8 GTA) Walker properties Camaro and Randy Kinsland (V8 GT-2) CrossRoads Motorsports Corvette.

This weekend the V8 Series will remember one of its best friends and supporters, Mike Covello of Crane Cams and Daytona Nissan. Mike passed away last month after suffering a heart attack while competing in his Nissan at Daytona International. Mike was instrumental in putting Crane Cams and V8 StockCar together a couple years ago. In honor of Mike, all series cars will sport a decal with Mike and his Nissan racer depicted. The Central Florida Region SCCA will have a special memorial race dedicated to Mike on Sunday for the Improved Touring group.

In the V8 GT-1 expect a shootout between talented youngsters Dillon Machavern and his Tommy Riggins built Falcon and Nick Hazelwood in the Pancho Weaver built Corvette of Hammer Magnum Racing. Dillon won the Eastern GT-1 national title for 2013, and Hazelwood was our V8 GT-2 champ in 2012. Hazelwood is ready to make some noise with his ride now powered by a fresh Lee Schwartz/FlowTech SB2. Tom Keleher in the T&T Camaro, and Bob Stanford (Challenger) and Rob Veschi (Mustang) will challenge for podium spots.

In V8 GT-2, Keith Goldin in the Goldin Brothers Racing RX8 will be tough on a track where he has multiple race wins and plenty of miles including several Rolex 24 hour events in the same car. With his V8 GT-1 Corvette out of action for a bit, Charles Wicht will bring out his V8 GT-2 Mustang to do battle. "Bosco" Logsdon will be in the Bemco Corvette which has also performed well at Daytona.

V8 SPO should have some action as points leader Tad Segars will be tested by Willie Mullins in his fast ARCA Ford Fusion and Jeff Hinkle in an ex Penske Nascar Cup Dodge.

In V8 GTA, Squeak Kennedy will try to keep his streak alive, as he has won six out of six SCCA GTA races in the past twelve months in his Bemco Ford Taurus. Kennedy has twenty appearances in the Rolex 24 hours and few racing have logged as many miles at Daytona. Randy Walker intends to give Kennedy a test in his Howe Racing built 2011 Camaro. Walker is a two time series champion in the class. Other regulars out to make a mark are; Hall Robertson in the Farner Barley Monte Carlo, Gary Burnette, Mike Attaway, and Gene Paul also all of which will be in Monte Carlo's.

The Daytona event will be the last before our finale at the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta in November. There our four class champions will be crowned.

The V8 series thanks it partners, and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Central Florida Region SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer and Roush Yates Performance Parts.



The Charlotte V8 race weekend was one more suited for water fowl than for high horsepower race cars. The inclement weather moved in on Friday and squatted, never giving the racers a respite. About a dozen brave souls made the trek out of about two dozen who originally signed up. The Charlotte road course appeared to be one that is especially treacherous in the wet with its' difficult transistions into turn one off the banking into the infield and also back onto the banking which delivers a jolt to any racer.

Despite the less than favorable conditions, there was some fine performances. Russ Snow and Randy Kinsland in their C5 V8 GT-2 Corvette's seemed unfazed by all the water qualified one & two for the morining race. Everyone else was tiptoeing around, trying to find somewhere on the track that had a little grip. Bill Porter did a good job in his V8 GTA in a car that was one of the least likely to race well in the conditions.

The Morning race, which would be race nine for the V8 season started with Snow somehow getting a big jump on the field at the start. Kinsland, Tim Lyons in his GT-1 Mustang and Porter gave chase followed by Mickey Snow in a Corvette, Jarrod Smith in a Camaro and Tad Segars in his V8 SPO Monte Carlo. Nick Hazelwood (GT-1), Mark Davis (GT-1) and Randy Walker (GTA) decided to sit it out. About midway through the race, Lyons started feeling more comfortable in his GT-1 Mustang and began to move, getting by Porter first and later Kinsland. Surprisingly, the top three of Snow, Lyons and Kinsland were blasting down the back straight in the rain, running hard into Nascar turn three..."brave souls", for sure.

At the checker it was Snow, Lyons and Kinsland followed by Porter, Mickey Snow, Smith and Segars.

Snow again got the pole for the evening race with V8 GT2 points leader Kinsland alongside. At the green, Snow led but with Kinsland in hot pursuit, dogging him every step of the way. At the midpoint, Kinsland got by as the duo climbed the banking, quickly pulling out to about a two second lead. Snow would not give up however and by the last couple laps he had reeled Kinsland back in. Catching Kinsland was one thing but getting back by was another as Kinsland's CrossRoads Motorsports prepped Corvette seemed to get an incredible launch out of the horseshoe and also onto the banking to stave off Snow's desperate charge. At the checker it was Kinsland, followed by Snow, then V8 GTA winner Porter. Mickey Snow made it three V8 GT-2 cars in the top four in his Corvette, with Jarrod Smith next in his V8 GT-1 winning Camaro. Tad Segars was next with Mark Davis' Camaro a DNF, appearing to be a victim of "drowning".

Kinsland and Snow both brought home 44 points for the weekend in V8 GT-2, with Kinsland now ahead by 11 in the championship chase. This could set up a barn burner at the ARRC for the ring, as they appear equally fast. Tad Segars added to his V8 SPO leading total by soldiering through both races and finding the checker. Porter picked up a pair of V8 GTA wins with Lyons and Smith splitting the GT-1 races.

The V8 Series wishes to thank the CCR SCCA and their workers for their fine effort in nasty conditions. It is appreciated!

The V8 series thanks it partners, and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Central Carolina Region SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer and Roush Yates Performance Parts.


To all the racing venues hosting and organizations working with the V8SCS.

To all participants and race fans who attend any of these great events.

As a proud supporter of the V8 stockcar racing series

we would like to announce a special offer to everyone.

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The Series wishes to welcome Roush Yates Performance Parts to the series as an associate sponsor. Roush Yates are suppliers of the finest new and used racing parts to the racing community and we are thankful for their support.

Ten Seasons later Scott Murphy Does it Again
Virginia International Raceway, the beautiful, challenging, and iconic circuit just down the road from historic Danville, Virgina was the perfect setting for the V8 StockCar Series inaugural race back in 2004. From the lush, park like grounds, the historic inn, to the fabled course where road racing legends like Carroll Shelby, Augie Pabst, Don Yenko, Dr. Dick Thompson, Walt Hangsen and others turned the first laps in anger, VIR has been the stuff of legends. Shelby won that first race at VIR in 1957, adding to his already burgeoning legend.

Thomasville, North Carolina's Scott Murphy in his late model Pontiac Grand Prix took home the trophy that day, May 8, 2004 to become the Series' first winner. Murphy, always a tough, determined competitor at any track is especially difficult to beat at his home track of VIR.

Saturday Morning's qualifying round went off at 11:50 am with Dillon Machavern setting the track ablaze in the Heritage Motorsports Ford Falcon, Dillon destroyed dad Dave's four year old Porterfield Ent GT-1 track record with a 1:52.485 clocking. Steve Minghenelli grabbed the Pitboxes.com SPO top spot over Ken Morgan and Scott Murphy with a 1:59.152. Russ Snow in his MD Racing Corvette took out the old track record of Steve Epley in the LG Motorsports GT-2 class with a fine 2.00.162. Ron Fariss was the Howe Racing GTA fast guy, coming home in 2:00.745, also a new record.

The green dropped on Saturday's race late in the afternoon with Dillon Machavern setting the pace in his Riggins Competition built re-creation of a 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint. Dillon, the talented seventeen year old from Charlotte, Vermont has taken up where his four time V8 Series champion dad, Dave left off winning races, and setting track records. There was a heated battle going on in Pitboxes.com SPO with Minghenelli, Murphy, Morgan, Willie Mullins and Robert Stanford all laying down some fast laps. Murphy, got by Minghenelli and Morgan early and was on a mission to recreate his "first ever" V8 Series win from 2004. Once in the clear, Murphy began pulling away from the others at more than a second a lap rate. There was also a shootout going on in Howe Racing GTA with Bob Davis, Randy Walker and John Morgan the protagonists. Davis, on his home track in his late model is especially tough, but Walker and Morgan were not making it easy on him.

Russ Snow lead the LG Motorsports GT-2 contingent, lowering his own new track record in the process with a blistering 1:59.580 in his diabolical looking black C5 Corvette.

At the Checker, Machavern was all alone at front, setting another new series track record in the process. Scott Murphy, running laps in the 1:58 range in his PennZoil Pontiac Grand Prix, pulled away from Minghenelli and Morgan, crossing the line more than fifteen seconds in front of his closest challengers to take the Pitboxes.com SPO win, ten seasons after his win in the inaugural race for the series. Willie Mullins (Ford Fusion) and Robert Stanford (Dodge Challenger) were next in Mullins Racing prepped rides.

Bob Davis took the Howe Racing GTA win over Randy Walker and John Morgan. Walker battled a balky tranny over the last few laps but held on for second a couple seconds back with Morgan right on his tail.

Sunday qualifying found Dillon Machavern out front erasing his V8 Series track record from Saturday with a 1:51.988. Ken Morgan grabbed the top spot in V8 SPO with his 1:59.462 clocking. Scott Murphy was about a second back at 2:00.696, with Robert Stanford and Willie Mullins grabbing the fourth and fifth overall spots. Randy Walker unloaded his back up car (Monte Carlo) for Sunday as the tranny in his Howe Camaro had lost a gear. Walker made good use of his spare putting it on the GTA pole. Russ Snow again grabbed the GT-2 top spot.

Sunday's race was more of the same at the point as Machavern cruised away from the field, cutting consistent laps around 1:52. Ken Morgan was the class of the Pitboxes.com SPO crowd with Murphy being a no show to the grid. Robert Stanford had a fine run in his beautiful Dodge Challenger coming home second in class to Morgan. Randy Walker picked up another Howe Racing GTA class win with Bob Davis coming home second and John Morgan third. John Haynesworth grabbed the GT-2 win with Anne Keller second and Mike Schlickenmyer third.



Crane Cams V8 Series Racers tackle CMP



n 1998, a group of motorsports enthusiasts led by road racers Joe Hooker and Bob Humphreys acquired the property of the former Kershaw Airport. Located four miles south of the town of Kershaw. The airport was once an auxiliary airfield for the Army Air Corps in the late 1940's. The new owners quickly got construction underway of a new 2.3 mile club racing circuit and in 1999 Carolina Motorsports Park was born. The ownership group has continued to improve the race track over the years adding open air day garages for rent to competitors, timing and scoring building, tech shed, skid pad and more.

Since the V8 Series began in 2004, the group has scheduled a number of points races with the South Carolina Region SCCA at their Buck Muse Memorial races at CMP. Last year, Simon Gregg kick started his V8 GT-1 championship run with two wins at CMP.

With fourteen turn packed into 2.3 miles, CMP is a good test for the stock car and GT's of the series. The fastest cars can hit 160 plus mph down the back straight before braking for turn eleven.

Maybe the best competition of the weekend will be found in the V8 GTA class where former champ Randy Walker and his Howe Camaro will be tested by Charlotte North Carolina's Steve McGowan, Chapin, South Carolina's Bill Porter and Lancaster, South Carolina's Joe Hartsell. In V8 SPO look for Hilton Head Island's Tad Segars in his Kimrey Racing Pontiac Grand Prix to wage war with Grovetown, Georgia's Randy Gay. 2012 V8 GT2 winner Miles Barefoot will be back in his Porsche 911 and looks to be tough to beat. Barefoot's competition looks to come from Jerry Townson in his firebird, Tom Vlasak in his Mercury Capri and Bill Norton in a Mustang. Fresh from a fine second place finish at the Road Atlanta Major, young Dillon Machavern is scheduled to be on hand in the Heritage Motorsports Ford Falcon. Also expected are Bob Gomer in his Camaro, Mark Davis and his Camaro and Wayne Cabaniss in his C4 Corvette.

The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank its' parterns for their support, and they are:
Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine,





Crane Cams V8 StockCar Kicks off 2013 at Sebring


The Crane Cams V8 StockCar 2013 Season kicks off this  weekend, February 9 &10 at historic Sebring International Raceway .  The V8  group will be competing with the Central Florida Region SCCA at their annual "Cabin Fever" Regional/SARRC event.  The series will be celebrating ten years of big noise racing this season.
Some forty plus big bore race cars are expected, with good competition in all four V8 series classes.  In the Porterfield Enterprises GT-1 class Trans Am and World Challenge veteran Charles Wicht will slug it out with ex IMSA Camel GT, Grand Am, Trans Am vet Jon "Chevy" Leavy and talented seventeen year old upstart Dillon Machavern.  Wicht will be shoeing his Rocketsports Corvette which is fresh back from the shop of two time Trans Am Champ Tony Ave, where it received some damage repair plus the latest updates.
Chevy Leavy will be in his venerable Riley Camaro that ran away with race 12 last year at Homestead.  Dillon Machavern will be in dad Dave's Riggins Engineering Falcon, a wicked fast racer with a nostalgic look to it.  Machavern had a thrilling win over Trans Am Champ Simon Gregg at the SCCA National at Sebring last month. 
Recent SCCA rules changes have insured a big and varied field of LG Motorsports GT-2 cars will be on hand including the Camaro's of Ricky Sanders and Randy Walker, the fast Mazda's of Keith Goldin, Richard Smith, and Chris Harris, the Trans Am 2 Impala of Cameron Lawrence, the Panoz GTS's of Mark Strong and Phil Lasco along with Ernest Wildings BMW M3, and Terry Taylor's Datsun 240Z.  Probably one of the most interesting mix's of GT2's in a long while. 
In the Howe Racing GTA class look for newcomers like David Alejandro, Larry Corwin and Gene Paul to take on veterans Chad Jorgensen, Hall Robertson and Bobby Kennedy.
The Pitboxes.com V8 SPO class will likely  be contested between Tad Segars in his Smith Living/Kimrey Racing late model Grand Prix, Eric Servick in his ex Nascar Lumina, and Lee Arnold in his black late model Chevy Impala.
The series thanks its' partners who help make it happen; an they are:
Crane Cams, HSR, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine



The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series will roar to life at Sebring International Raceway for it tenth anniversary season on February 9-10 running with the Central Florida Region SCCA.  More than thirty ground pounding, purpose built race cars with their ear splitting, high horsepower mills will certainly disturb the peace.
It was nearly ten years ago, May 2004 to be exact, when the checker fell on the first V8 Series race at legendary Virginia International Raceway.
 The first series winner that day was Thomasville, North Carolina's Scott Murphy.  Murphy, then as now, excited those in attendance with his "slideways" driving style, hopping curbs and four wheel drifting his Pontiac Grand Prix through the esses, around Oak Tree and then booming down the long back straight at over 170 mph.  Murphy went on to more wins in the series in both stock cars and his GT-1 Corvette.  Murphy still competes on occasion and we fully expect him to be in his fast ex Michael Waltrip Pennzoil Grand Prix this May when the series returns to VIR.  As always, Scott will be a favorite to cross the finish line first.
During the years since Murphy's win, the series has grown from one stock car class to four total. Today GTA and SPO stock cars compete  along with the GT-1 and GT-2 sports cars.  In 2012 Crane Cams came on board as the title sponsor of the series and they return in 2013.
There has been a strong youth movement in the series of late with young hot shoes like twenty year old Cameron Lawrence, sixteen year old Nick Hazelwood, nineteen year old Bobby Kennedy and seventeen year old Dillon Machavern. Lawrence took the 2012 Howe Racing GTA class championship while also garnering his first professional win at Road Atlanta in the Trans Am Series.  Lawrence will again compete in both series.
Hazelwood, a talented, former circle track racer picked up the LG Motorsports GT-2 championship in his C6 Z06 Corvette in his first year in road racing.  This year the young Alpharetta, Georgia racer will move to the fastest class, driving a Porterfield Enterprises GT-1 Corvette for Hammer Magnum Racing.
Daytona Beach, Florida native Bobby Kennedy has already picked up a Pitboxes.com SPO class win in a V8 stockcar, along with a couple of SCCA championships and a first professional win in the Grand Am Total Performance Showcase class at Watkins Glen.  Kennedy will compete in 2013 in a GT-1 Camaro prepped by Bemco Fabrication.
Charlotte, Vermont's Dillon Machavern seems ready to take up where his dad, four time Porterfield Enterprises GT-1 champion Dave Machavern left off, and that is winning in the family Tommy Riggins built 840 horsepower 1963 Ford Falcon look-a-like GT-1 racer.  Young Machavern already has a Sebring SCCA National win under his belt in the car  just a few weeks ago. Dillon prepped in the very competitive SCCA Spec Miata class, taking home a number of first place trophy's.  This past fall, Machavern had a fine run in the Miami 500 endurance race, coming home eighth overall of forty six car driving a GTA stock car.
In 2013 the Porterfield Enterprises GT-1 class looks to be highly contested with 2012 Champion Simon Gregg expected to return and face challenges from Charles Wicht in his wicked fast Rocketsports Corvette, Zach Monette in his Jaguar XK8,  Jon "Chevy" Leavy in his Riley Camaro, Nick Hazelwood in a Pancho Weaver Corvette, and Machavern in the Falcon.  Bobby Kennedy could surprise in his late model LS powered Camaro.
In the LG Motorsports GT-2 class look for Keith Goldin in his ex Grand Am Riggins Chassis RX8, Ricky Sanders in a Trans Am 2 spec Camaro, Randy Walker in another Camaro and  Squeak Kennedy in an LS6 Grand Am spec Corvette.
In Howe Racing GTA, Lawrence will again be the favorite, but the Reuse brothers, Roger and Bobby are always fast in their Camaro's and Mike Attaway came on strong at the end of the year. Former champ Randy Walker will surely be in the mix in his Howe Camaro and Butch Kummer and his Monte Carlo are capable of pulling off a win or two, if Butch can find time away from his duties as SCCA Club Racing Director.
In Pitboxes.com SPO, 2012 Champ Bob Mitten is always tough in his ex Tony Stewart Cup Monte Carlo, while Tad Segars picked up some serious speed last year in his improved late model.  Lee Arnold and his familiar black Impala late model is a consistent threat as well.
For some exciting and  serious big noise, grassroots racing, come check out the Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series in 2013.  You can get more information on the series at http://www.v8stockcar.com/.




February 9-10


Sebring International Raceway 3.7 miles

Sebring, FL

February 16-17


Palm Beach International Raceway 2.034 miles

Jupiter, FL


March 30-31


Carolina Motorsports Park 2.279 miles

Kershaw, SC

April 27-28


Road Atlanta 2.54 miles

Braselton, GA

May 11-12


Virginia International Raceway 3.27 miles

Alton, VA

August 17-18


Charlotte Motor Speedway 2.25 miles

Concord, NC

September 14-15


Homestead-Miami Speedway 2.21 miles

Homestead, FL

September 28-29


Daytona International Speedway 3.56 miles

Daytona Beach, FL

November 1-2


Road Atlanta 2.54 miles

Braselton, GA

December 1

                     Miami 500K Non-Points Race

Homestead-Miami Speedway 2.21 miles

Homestead, FL




8 Tracks 9 Events 18 Races + Miami 500K


Miami 500k Top Three!

1. 37 Gustavo Torres/ Shane Lewis

2. 00 Raul Gonzalez/Angel Benitez/ Danny Gianfrancesco

3. 58 Stefano Lorusso/ Peter Argetsinger

I'm pleased to announce that the V8Stockcar series will be working with FARA on the inaugural Miami 500.


December 15-16
Inaugural Miami 500 Road Race
Non V8 Points Bonus Enduro



The 2012 Crane Cams V8 StockCar season is history and for the record we have four first time champions. In the Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 class, Simon Gregg took home the crown driving his Derhaag Motorsports number 59 Corvette. Gregg, the son of one of the greatest drivers in American sports car racing history, the late, great Peter Gregg. During the 2012 season, Simon won seven of eight races he contested with his sole loss to Charles Wicht at Palm Beach. At the ARRC, Gregg won both the sprint qualifying race and the ARRC feature while closest competitor Wicht was sidelined after crashing in practice on Thursday.
Gregg had the race fast lap, with a 1:23.465. Despite his problems at Road Atlanta, Wicht finished second in points with Zach Monette third.

In LG Motorsports V8 GT-2, fifteen year old Nick Hazelwood of Georgia, took the title in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepped C6 Z06 Corvette. Hazelwood, who started in quarter midgets and bandolero's, then progressed to late model stock cars and recently to road racing. Hazelwood edged out Randy Kinsland in a C5 Z06. Season long class leader Keith Goldin was unable to make the ARRC in his ex Rolex Series Mazda RX8 and fell to third place in the order. Hazelwood needed only to have solid finishes in the ARRC races to bring home the championship while Kinsland would need help in the form of bad luck for Hazelwood in either the sprint race or the ARRC feature. Kinsland did all he could do winning both races, but young Hazelwood, urged by crew chief Sam Power to race smart, position himself to win the championship first and only then make a run at the ARRC race win, did just that. Kinsland was super fast all weekend, but Hazelwood hung close, finishing second in both races and taking home the Crane Cams Champion ring. Duluth, Georgia's Tom Brooks, while not in the running for the championship, put on a sterling run to the front from his back of the pack start in his LS2 powered Corvette. Mechanical gremlins in qualifying and the sprint race relegated Brooks to his back row starting spot. Brooks charged through the field to finish third in another Crossroads Motorsports Corvette. The LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class has been the personal playground of Sam Power and Crossroads as Power won three championships with Bob Mayer and his fourth with Hazelwood.

Pitboxes.com V8 SPO competitor Mary " Mickey" Wright had led the points race for most of the second half of the season with solid finishes in her Competition 101 Ford Fusion. With 72 points available at the ARRC races, Bob Mitten in his ex Tony Stewart Nascar Cup Monte Carlo and Tad Segars in his Kimrey Racing/Smith Living late model stock car were well within striking distance. Mitten a veteran Road Atlanta competitor is always fast there and 2012 would be no different. In the ARRC feature, Mitten led wire to wire, cut the race fast lap and came home second overall to Gregg. Grant Leadbetter had a fine run, chasing Mitten to finish while clocking a fast 1:29.903 in his ex Nascar Dodge Charger. Lee Arnold was third in class just in front of Cameron Lawrence (GTA Impala) and Kyle Shields in his Monte Carlo. Virginia's Rich Koehler grabbed the fifth spot, with AJ Henriksen sixth, Segars seventh.
Wright's eight place finish was not enough to hold onto the lead for the points championship and Mitten took home the ring. Wright held onto the second spot in the points with Segars third. Wright made a valiant effort to become the first woman champion in the series, coming up just a bit short. Wright and crew chief Stuart Lysett plan to be back in 2013 for another shot at the ring.

Going into the ARRC Cameron Lawrence held the Howe Racing V8 GTA points lead 140 to 129 over Ricky Sanders, with Randy Walker not far back at 125. Business took Sanders out of the running as the former Nascar Craftsman Truck driver was not able to make it home in time from the SEMA show. Walker was in his new Howe Camaro and running well after getting the car sorted out late this year. Lawrence took the pole and the sprint race in his familiar Regal Boats Impala, with Walker coming up second. In the ARRC feature race Lawrence pulled out an early lead and cruised home to a class win and fifth overall finishing position. Walker ran strong but his pace was about one second a lap off of Lawrence's and he settled for second in the race. Eighteen year old Bobby Kennedy moved up from his mid pack starting position to grab the third spot in GTA with Butch Kummer soldiering home fourth. Marshall McLeod, Randy Haney, Preston Fowler and Eugene Copeland grabbed the fifth through eighth spots in the class.

In the final tally Cameron Lawrence won the Howe Racing V8 GTA championship with Walker second, Sanders third, Kummer fourth and Mike Attaway fifth.

The Crane Cams V8 Series thanks the Atlanta Region SCCA, the ARRC committe and all the workers and volunteers for their effort in making this one of the best club racing events on the calendar.

The V8 Series wishes to also thank its' partners for their support in 2012 and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer


2013 Howe Racing Mustang



Crane Cams V8Stockcar Championship rings

American Road Race of Champions

November 2 – 4, 2012


Crane Cams V8 StockCar at the ARRC by GrassRoots Motorsports


Every single year since its' inception in 2004, the Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series has concluded its' schedule, and crowned its' champions at the American Road Race of Champions presented by GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORTS MAGAZINE.

The Crane Cams V8 Series is a touring points championship road racing series for high horsepower stock cars and GT machines. The Series races with SCCA and others at some of the finest and most famous road course tracks in the United States. The ARRC presented by GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORT MAGAZINE is certainly one of the most prestigious club racing events held in North America. The ARRC draws competitors from all over the country and a few from around the globe.

Some of the series veterans who are expected to compete at the ARRC are: Simon Gregg (V8 GT-1 Corvette), Charles Wicht (V8 GT-1 Corvette), Lee Arnold (V8 SPO Impala), Cameron Lawrence ( V8 GTA Impala), Bobby Kennedy (V8 GTA Ford Taurus), Randy Walker (V8 GTA Camaro), Mickey Wright (V8 SPO Ford Fusion), Bob Mayer (V8 GT2 Corvette), Nick Hazelwood (V8 GT2 Corvette), Jeff Dernehl (V8 GT2 Mazda RX7), Bob Monette (V8 GT-1 Camaro), Zach Monette (V8 GT-1 Mustang) Paige Monette Alexander (V8 GT-1 Corvette), road racing Icon Gene Felton (V8 GT-1 Nova), Butch Kummer (V8 GTA Monte Grand Prix), Randy Haney (V8 GTA Monte Carlo), Preston Fowler (V8 GTA Grand Prix), Bob Davis (V8 GTA Monte Carlo), Randy Gay (V8 GTA Monte Carlo), Marshall McLeod (V8 GTA Monte Carlo) and a host of others.

In the battle for the V8 Series class championships, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida's Simon Gregg leads the Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 class in his Derhaag Motorsports prepped C6 Corvette. Charles Wicht of Big Pine Key, Florida is right on Gregg's heels in his Rocketsports built C6 Corvette. In fact, Wicht handed Gregg his only loss this year in V8 action at Palm Beach, where the duo split the two races. Both driver's are sons of racers, with Gregg of course, being the son of the famous IMSA Camel GT and Trans Am driver, Peter Gregg and Wicht, the son of Al Wicht, a veteran independent IMSA Camel GT and SCCA racer. Simon Gregg has had his best year in racing in 2012 and also leads the points in the SCCA Trans Am Series. Gregg's Jim Derhaag built and prepped racer has completed an unheard of seventy two straight races without a DNF.

While they might not figure in the final points battle for the V8 GT-1 championship, the "Racing Monette's" will enhance the competition and challenge for podiums. Zach Monette and his super fast Mustang on his home track can be something diabolical and he will give Gregg and Wicht a battle. Sister Paige Monette Alexander showed real speed at Charlotte and should contend for a podium spot, as well as patriarch, dad, Bob Monette in his Camaro. The Monette racing fleet is prepped in house by the very capable Rick Peters which also includes the Corvette of Mike Kelly.

Former Grand Am Rolex GT competitor Keith Goldin leads the V8 GT-2 points battle, but newcomer Nick Hazelwood could surprise in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepped C6 Corvette and steal the crown. Former ARRC champ Jerry Onks (Corvette Z06) from Murfreesboro, Tennessee is always fast at Road Atlanta and will be a favorite again to take the ARRC race. With two wins at the SARRC Invitational Challenge, Hazelwood put himself in position to challenge for the Champions ring with 72 points still available to the winners at the ARRC. With three time V8 GT-2 champ Bob Mayer not competing this year, the class will get its' second champion ever. LG MOTORSPORTS V8 GT-2 is the series newest class, which was added in 2009.

Mickey Wright's (Competition 101 Ford Fusion) consistency has paid dividends and she has a comfortable lead in the PITBOXES.COM V8 SPO class. If Wright finishes both races at the ARRC she will be difficult to unseat. Should Wright falter, Tad Segars and Bob Mitten are close enough to strike gold.

In the HOWE RACING V8 GTA class, young Cameron Lawrence leads in his Regal Boats Impala, but former Nascar Craftsman Truck racer Ricky Sanders and former V8 GTA champ Randy Walker are well within striking distance. Lawrence will also compete this weekend in the SCCA Trans Am races in the TA2 class. Eighteen year old Bobby Kennedy has spent most of the year racing in the V8 GT-1 class in a Camaro, but will be in his dad, Squeak Kennedy's ride for the ARRC. The car is the former Tommy "Hollywood" Graham Ford Taurus. The car is fast and so is the kid, look for Kennedy to challenge for the ARRC race win. In his 2012 return to action, Butch Kummer gave a sterling performance at Charlotte in August, finishing a strong second to Ricky Sanders on Sunday. Kummer will be on his home track at Road Atlanta and will surely contend for a podium.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series wishes to thank the Atlanta Region SCCA, the ARRC Committee and GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine for hosting one of the coolest road racing events in this country. We are proud to be a part of the action.

The Series also thanks its' partners for their continued support and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine


Crane Cams V8 StockCar SARRC Inv. Challenge Report



The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series returned to returned to an old favorite, namely Roebling Road Raceway near Bloomingdale, Georgia for the SARRC Invitational Challenge and round 7 of the series 2012 season. With a number of V8 racer's also leading and challenging for the SARRC Championship it was sure to be an action packed weekend.

Saturday morning's qualifying round found the racer's dealing with a very slick track and it was quite apparent that this weekend would likely not be one where new track records would be established. Juan Vento put his Interstate Battery Corvette on the pole, followed by Ron Stanley in his ex Scott Riggs Nascar Cup Dodge which would be running in Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 with its' new 16" wheels and GT rubber. Young Nick Hazelwood of Alpharetta, Georgia was next in his CrossRoads Motorsports prepared LG Motorsports V8 GT-2 class C6 Corvette. Hazelwood, little more than a year removed from getting his racing license is showing serious speed,talent and racecraft. Hazelwood and his Corvette certainly will be a threat at any track they appear at.

Lee Arnold grabbed the top spot in PitBoxes.com V8 SPO in his familiar black number 0 Chevy Impala late model. Arnold's machine was once the steed of both Boris Said and Ken Schrader. Track record holder Bill Porter grabbed the pole in Howe Racing V8 GTA followed by Randy Walker, Mike Attaway and Ricky Sanders.

Saturday afternoon the green dropped on the sprint/qualifying race that also serves as a CCV8SC points race. Juan Vento led from the pole in his Corvette, followed by Nick Hazelwood in his V8 GT-2 Corvette and Lee Arnold in his V8 SPO stocker. Kentucky's Randy Walker led the V8 GTA contingent followed by Ricky Sanders, Mike Attaway and Bill Porter. Tad Segars (V8 SPO Monte Carlo) slipped into the fifth overall spot just behind Walker's Camaro.

At the checker Vento grabbed the V8 GT-1 win with Hazelwood holding off Arnold for the second overall and V8 GT-2 top spot. Arnold nabbed the V8 SPO honors with Walker winning in V8 GTA. Tad Segars had a good outing for second in V8 SPO and fifth overall. Ricky Sanders and Attaway finished second and third in V8 GTA respectively.

The Sunday afternoon SARRC Invitational Challenge Race lit off at 1:00 pm with Vento on the pole with Ron Stanley and his GT-1 Dodge Charger alongside. The second row was made up of Hazelwood and Walker. Both Vento and Stanley have full tilt Nascar Cup type motors in their hotrods with upwards of 800 Horsepower on tap. It was a great drag race down to turn one by the pair but Vento's superior braking gave him the edge by the slightest of margins. The duo raced within a car length or so of each other for the first few laps before Vento's braking and handling advantage allowed him to start pulling away at about one second per lap. Hazelwood was running strong in third overall and held a comfortable lead on closest V8 GT-2 challenger Randy Kinsland in a C5 Corvette. Lee Arnold chased Randy Walker for the first few laps choosing to play it safe until the right opportunity appeared. Arnold then used the superior power advantage in his Chevy to move around the quick V8 GTA class Camaro. Ray Webb was moving up from his back of the pack starting spot in his V8 GT-1 Corvette and Kinsland was also doing a fine job despite his Corvette running on just seven cylinders. Mike Attaway, a recent convert to the V8 GTA wars was getting stronger lap by lap in his Pontiac Grand Prix.
Mark Davis was having a solid outing in his venerable Camaro V8 GT-1.

At about the halfway point Vento failed to come around, falling victim to a flat front tire. Stanley inherited the lead with Hazelwood and Arnold not far in arrears. Vento returned to the action but was now some four laps down.

When the checker waved Stanley crossed the line first by some several seconds over second overall and V8 GT-2 winner Hazelwood.
Arnold was next up and took the V8 SPO honors. Randy Kinsland managed to get by Walker for fourth overall and runner up in
V8 GT-2. Lexington, Kentucky's Walker was next, taking the V8 GTA honors. Webb, Attaway and Mark Davis rounded out the top ten.

Congrats are in order for ourV8 Racer's on their SCCA South Atlantic Road Race Championships for 2012 and they are:

GT-1: Mark Davis, Lexington SC Davis Racing Camaro
GT-2: Miles Barefoot Greensboro, NC Porsche 911
SPO: Mickey Wright St. Petersburg, FL Competition 101 Ford Fusion
GTA: Ricky Sanders Stockbridge GA Pitboxes.com Monte Carlo
STO: Charles Rodholm Parkland, Fl Taboo Racing C6 Corvette

The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank the Buccaneer Region SCCA and the South East Division SCCA for the outstanding job hosting the event, they continue give their all to make the SIC a rewarding event.

The Series also thanks its' partners for their continued support and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer


Crane Cams V8 StockCar's at the SARRC Invitational Challenge


The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Racer's will descend on Roebling Road Raceway near Bloomingdale, Georgia for round 7 of the series. The South East Division of the SCCA SARRC Invitational Challenge will be the event. Roebling Road is a little jewel of a circuit some twenty miles west of historic Savannah, Georgia.Roebling is a favorite of club racer's in the south for its' technical, rolling back side coupled with a 2600 foot long straightaway to really air it out. The circuit packs nine turns into 2.02 miles and the fastest cars can reach speeds upwards of 170 m.p.h., yet the track is considered as one of the safest with only one wall and plenty of runoff room in most area's.

The SARRC Invitational Challenge is open to South East Division racer's that have at least three starts during the year at SARRC points races. Those chasing the SARRC class championship are sure to be there. Racer's that are participating in the V8 Series will also garner points towards the series class championships in four classes; Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1, LG Motorsports V8 GT-2, PitBoxes.com V8 SPO and Howe Racing V8 GTA.

Some of the Crane Cams V8 Racer's expected are Juan Vento in his crazy fast Interstate Battery Corvette, Wayne Cabaniss in his familiar C4 Corvette, Former V8 GTA champ Randy Walker in his Walker Properties Monte Carlo, V8 GTA track record holder Bill Porter in his late model Pontiac Grand Prix, Ron Stanley in his ex Scott Riggs Nascar Cup Dodge, Charlotte winner Tad Segars in his Smith Living Group V8 SPO Monte Carlo, and Bill McGavic in his giant killing Mazda RX7 V8 GT2 entry. Fresh from a fine performance at Homestead a few weeks ago, will be Charles Rodholm in his beautiful V8 GT2 Taboo Racing C6 Corvette and Carolina winner Miles Barefoot in his 993 Porsche. Roebling regular Mark Davis will be on hand in his V8 GT-1 Camaro as well as Ray Webb in the Kenco Signs V8 GT-1 Corvette. Lee Arnold will compete in his always competitive late model Impala in the V8 SPO class.

Former Nascar Craftsman Truck Series and Trans Am competitor Ricky Sanders will make a bid to close the points gap on Cameron Lawrence in his V8 GTA Monte Carlo and V8 GTA newcomer Mike Attaway, fresh from an SCCA win at Daytona, will be on hand in his V8 GTA Pontiac Grand Prix .

It should be a fine weekend of competitive big noise racing, setting up for the finale at the American Road Race of Champions in November at Road Atlanta, where the Crane Cams V8 Series Champions will be crowned.

For more information on the series check out: www.v8stockcar.com

To get the latest on the finest valve train products in racing go to www.cranecams.com


The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Road Racing Series returned to Homestead Miami Speedway on September 15 &16 for races eleven and twelve of the 2012 schedule.  Inclement South Florida weather threatened the weekend but lady luck went our way and for the most part we dodged the thunder storms.   The rain had stopped just prior to Saturday Morning qualifying session and the group took to a wet but drying track.  A number of the racers did just a few recon laps on the slippery surface and decided to take their chances from starting in the back.  One that stayed out, and toward the end of the session found some decent grip was Juan Vento in his Mark Meissen built C6 Interstate Battery V8 GT-1 Corvette.  Vento cut a quick 1:27 and change on the still drying surface and took the overall and class pole. 
Michael Smellie grabbed the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 pole in his tube frame rotary powered RX7 with Lee Arnold taking the top spot in PitBoxes.com V8 SPO in his late model stock car Impala.  Howe Racing V8 GTA points leader Cameron Lawrence was on the point in his Regal Boats Impala. 

The field left the grid at 11:30 for the Saturday morning race on a dry track. We had an immediate casualty as Cameron Lawrence's Impala failed to answer the bell due to an electrical issue.  The rest of the group paired off with Vento and Jon "Chevy" Leavy in his Murray's Auto Parts Camaro leading the way.  When the green dropped Vento  pulled out to a couple second lead over Leavy while back at the rear, Charles Wicht was on a mission in his Corvette screaming through the field in search of the front running duo.  Wicht, second in Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 points to Simon Gregg was looking to close the gap on the points leader.  Lee Arnold was running strong in his V8 SPO Monte Carlo behind the front running GT-1's and ahead of second place Rick Bates in hisCompetition 101 Chevy Camaro.  Mike Smellie and Richard Smith in their Mazda's were battling for V8 GT-2 honors with the Corvette of Charles Rodholm in third.  Smith's challenge ended on lap eight when his racer succumbed to mechanical gremlins.  Bill Giannetti had it going all his way in V8 GTA as closest challenger Ricky Sanders fell out on lap four. 


Midway through the race, Wicht, running at a pace about one second per lap quicker than Vento and Leavy had tracked them down.  Wicht dispatched Leavy and with about five to go caught and passed Vento for the overall lead.
At the checker, Wicht had built a ten second advantage, followed by Vento, Leavy, V8 SPO winner Arnold, Bobby Kennedy in the Bemco V8 GT-1 Camaro and Smellie in the winning V8 GT2 Mazda.  Michael Cohen grabbed the second in V8 SPO with Mickey Wright third in another Competition 101 ride.  Ray Webb had a solid day in his ex Ryan Newman Dodge Charger and newcomer Charles Rodholm garnered a second in V8 GT-2 in his beautiful C6 Corvette.  During his flight to the front, Wicht set a new track record for the GT-1 class with a fine 1:26.001 clocking.  "Chevy" Leavy was also in the 26's with a best of 1:26.876.
The V8 racers were greeted by another wet morning on Sunday as dark clouds covered most of South Florida.  Qualifiying again went off in the wet with only a handful deciding to brave the elements.  It was not looking promising for a dry race and it was sprinkling shortly before the cars took to the grid.  Luck was with us once again though, as just before the race, the dark skies parted for a short reprieve and the race went off on a dry track once again. Alex Gonzalez (GT-1 Camaro), Vento and Leavy  started up front as Wicht again chose not to qualify on the wet track.  Gonzalez, then Vento led briefly at the start but both were soon caught and passed by a determined Jon Leavy, who really had his Camaro hummin'.  Wicht again started a charge from the rear, but it was not to be as he fell victim to a motor issue. Vento was soon gone and Gonzalez was slowing, yet Leavy kept charging pulling out a huge lead on the field. 
When the Checker fell, Leavy was still at the front, and his GT-1 challengers had fallen to the wayside.  Mike Smellie came home second his V8 GT-2 racer with Cameron Lawrence third overall and the V8 GTA win.  Squeak Kennedy had a fine drive in the Bemco Corvette (V8 GT-2) coming home fifth overall in the group.  Bill Giannetti (V8 GTA) and Charles Rodholm (V8 GT-2) were next, with Sanders, Burnette and Wright filling out the top ten.
The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank the Florida Region SCCA for the wonderful job hosting the event, their workers are without doubt some of the most courteous and patient in SCCA Club Racing.
The Series also thanks its' partners for their continued support and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer

South Florida's Homestead-Miami International Speedway and the Florida Region SCCA will host round six of the Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series September 15 & 16.  Homestead, always a challenge for racer's as the combination of high temps and oval and infield sections makes finding the right set up difficult. 
In the Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT1 class look for Charles Wicht and his C6 Corvette, Jon "Chevy" Leavy in his Murray's Auto Parts Camaro, Juan Vento in his Corvette and Bobby Kennedy in the Kennedy Kars Camaro challenge for wins.  Wicht currently sits in second place in the class points to Simon Gregg.A couple wins on the weekend would put Wicht in contention to challenge Gregg for the championship at the ARRC at Road Atlanta in November.
In the PitBoxes.com V8 SPO class look for Mike Cohen, Mickey Wright and Lee Arnold to wage a battle for the honors.  Wright lead the class points in her Competition 101 Ford Fusion.

Charlotte winner Ricky Sanders returns in his RSR Racing Monte Carlo.  Sanders a former Nascar Nationwide and Craftsmen Truck Series racer has been on fire this year running strongly at every outing.  Points leader Cameron Lawrence back from some fine performances in SCCA Trans Am will be in his familiar Regal Boats Monte Carlo.  Billy Gianetti in another RSR Monte Carlo and Chad Jorgensen, South Florida's racing Fire Chief will also challenge for the Howe Racing V8 GTA gold.

Squeak Kennedy and Bosco Logsdon will share duty in the Bemco Corvette for the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 class, taking on Richard Smith in his fast Mazda RX7, Gary Burnette in his Camaro and others.

After Homestead, next up for the group will be the SARRC Invitational Challenge at Roebling Road Raceway on October 6 & 7, followed by the ARRC at Road Atlanta on November 2 & 3 where our champions wil be crowned.

We are especially grateful to our partners for the help they provide, they are; Crane Cams,  SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear,  FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, and GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine



Thrills and Spills at Charlotte

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series returned to famed Charlotte Motor Speedway for round five of the 2012 season. Last years double winner Zach Monette was again looking to be the class of the field putting his Monette Racing Group Ford Mustang V8 GT-1 on the overall pole Saturday morning with a 1:14.164 on a very slick track. Surprisingly, Ricky Sanders grabbed the second overall and first V8 GTA spot in his PitBoxes.com Monte Carlo with a 1:16.341 effort. Ricky, no stranger to high speed ovals is a former Nascar Nationwide and Craftsman Truck Series competitor. The Monette Racing Group grabbed the third spot in the order with Zach's sister Paige Alexander clocking a 1:16.758 in her Optech Monette Corvette. Paul Arey in his Performance Auto Works Olds Cutlass and Clint Thomas in his Living on the Edge/R12 winged Monte Carlo rounded out the top five overall. Ken Morgan nabbed the top spot in V8 SPO in his Morgan Lumber Monte Carlo with Dan Schlickenmeyer besting the V8 GT2 field in his Griggs Racing/Nitto Tire Mustang.


Photo: Saturday Charlotte race 9 winner: Zach Monette, Optech Monette Mustang

The group lost CMP V8 GT2 winner Miles Barefoot in qualifying when he got loose in turn 3 and backed his Albion Associates Porsche 911 into the armco during his qualifying run.

Race 9 of the Crane Cams V8 Series lit off at 12:54 with polesitter Zach Monett rocketing away from the field in his Optech Monette Mustang. Only three laps into the event, Ken Morgan got loose in his Monte Carlo and impacted the jersey barrier on the outside of turn 1. Morgan ricocheted off the wall blocking half the entry into one. Ricky Sanders following close behind and with no where to go hit Morgan hard. John Morgan was next giving Sanders a head on shot. Willie Mullins dodged left to avoid the pile up, forcing Bob Monette into the jersey barrier on the left. Monette's Camaro impacted with the left front sending the left front wheel twenty plus feet into the air according to witnesses. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but the raced was red flagged as the workers began cleaning up the mess. In all, a half dozen cars were damaged sufficiently to retire them from the weekend. As the clean up took more than a half hour, the race was called with the rest of the field sitting on pit row.

Bob Monette V8GT1 Camaro

The race stewards scored the race by going back to the last lap before the crash. Zach Monette was credited with the overall and V8 GT-1 win, with V8 GTA winner Roger Reuse second and Bob Davis (V8 GTA) third.
Ken Morgan got the V8 SPO win despite taking home a totaled racer. Ray Cocoziello took second in V8 GT-1 in his Corvette with Randy Walker and Butch Kummer next in their V8 GTA rides. Williamsburg, Virginia's Dan Schlickenmeyer bested the V8 GT2 field with Dainton Brooks and Robert Hasychak rounding out the top three in the class.

The V8 Series race ten started around 8 pm under the lights with Zach Monette again on the pole with a quick 1:13.184 with a fast improving Paul Arey along side him at 1:13.902. Paige Alexander had picked up about 2 seconds from her morning effort in her Corvette, clocking a fine 1:14.552.

Photo: Paul Arey's Race 10 winning Riggins Olds

When the green flew, Monette, Arey and Alexander left the rest of the field in their wake. All three were running their best laps of the weekend. Arey was never more than a couple car lengths back in the opening laps with Alexander less than a second back of him. Ray Cocoziello (V8 GT-1 Corvette and Tad Segars (V8 SPO Monte Carlo were waging a fine battle for the fourth and fifth overall spots. Butch Kummer was on fire in his number 57 V8 GTA Monte Carlo running stronger than he has in more than a year. Ricky Sanders started shotgun on the field in his back up V8 GTA Monte Carlo and was flying through the field in search of the fleeing Kummer. Brooks and Schlickenmeyer were having a good go in their V8 GT2 entry's with the duo rarely more than a few feet apart.

About half way through the race, Alexander had a tire go down in the front straight, she appeared to just kiss the outside wall coming to a rest just off the track. Paige's day was done, but she impressed those in attendance with her speed and tenacity. Up front, Monette was beginning to pull out a couple second lead over Arey when suddenly he suffered the same fate as sister Paige, in nearly the same spot. Arey quickly took the point and was unchallenged to the checker. Ray Cocoziello ran solidly in his first V8 Series race and came home second overall and second in V8 GT-1. In V8 GTA Sanders finally caught up to Kummer who was just beginning to fade just a bit. Sanders got by and held on for the win with Kummer second. Roger Reuse took the final spot on the podium, with Randy Walker fourth and Bobby Reuse fifth.
Tad Segars got the win in V8 SPO in his Kimrey Racing/Smith Living Group Monte Carlo with maybe his strongest performance to date. Doug Sanders came home second with Mickey Wright third. Dan Schlickenmeyer just edged Brooks before the checker to again take the V8 GT2 win with Robert Hasychak third.

Ricky Sanders V8GTA Charlotte race winner
The Crane Cams V8 Series wishes to thank the Central Carolina Region and their workers for the great job they did hosting the event.

Next up for the V8 racers is Homestead Miami Speedway on September 15 & 16.

As the Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series summer break comes to an end, teams are preparing to take on the high banks at Charlotte Motor Speedway on August 18.  Both races for the weekend will be on Saturday with the second race finding the group under the lights racing into the twilight.  Here is the link to registration information http://v8stockcar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2097
In the Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT1 class, Simon Gregg stands on top with five wins in six starts and a total of 140 pts.  Simon's only loss of the year was to Charles Wicht at Palm Beach.  Wicht stands in second place in the points with 103.  Wicht is slated to be on hand at Charlotte and could cut into Gregg's lead with a winning performance.  Gregg is also leading the Trans Am points and is currently one of the hottest road racers in the country.
Keith Goldin leads the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 class points in the Goldin Brothers RX8.  The car is the same one Keith and Steve raced in Grand Am Rolex GT for several years. The racer is a tube frame, composite bodied car with the 20B rotor engine.  With only 2300 pounds and with 400 HP to the rear wheels, it is capable of putting down some very quick laps. Ernest Wilding is second in points in his BMW and CMP winner Miles Barefoot third in his Porsche 911.
The Crane Cams V8 Series has its' first female class points leader with Mickey Wright in her Competition 101 Ford Fusion holding a slim 2 point lead over Larry Hoopaugh and Bob Mitten in the PitBoxes.com V8 SPO class.
Cameron Lawrence leads Ricky Sanders with 131 points to 111 in the Howe Racing V8 GTA class.  Former champ Randy Walker holds down the third spot in the class.
Congratulations are in order for a couple of our young racers who have excelled in other series this year as well.  Eighteen year old Bobby Kennedy picked up his first professional win last month taking the checker first in the Grand Am Total Performance Showcase race at Watkins Glen.  The series is for showroom stock compact cars.  Bobby was driving the Irish Mike's Racing Ford Fiesta.  Kennedy edged out his team mate Todd Buras by a few one hundreths of a second for the top spot.
V8 GTA points leader Cameron Lawrence was impressive at Watkins Glen as well in the Trans Am Series. Cameron sat on the pole, lead the race and had the race fast lap.  A mechanical gremlin kept Cameron from possibly garnering his first pro win.
Maybe not so young, but also doing a fine job in his Pro racing debut is Mike Wilson, who raced with us at Sebring and Palm Beach.  Mike is Currently in third place in the Trans Am 2 points race in his Monte Carlo.


V8stockcar Daytona race results are posted on the V8 forums.

Charles Wicht V8GT1

Former Nascar Craftsman truck racer Ricky Sanders, PitBoxes.com Monte Carlo, an ex Butch Miller ASA ride. Ricky is the son of Nascar and short track ace Ronnie Sanders. Ricky now races with Crane Cams V8 StockCar and SCCA Trans Am.

Paul Breehne V8SPO

Simon Gregg V8GT1




Racing in the Hotland: Crane Cams V8 StockCar @ Daytona



Historically, the Crane Cams V8 Series visits Daytona International in August when temps can top 100 degrees. This year, the series scheduled Daytona in early May with the Central Florida Region SCCA looking for a "little" reprieve from the heat. The result.............It was still HOT. The track surface was around 150 degrees, but the racers were willing and the outstanding competition just added to the heat.

The heat, however, didn't seem to bother Simon Gregg and the Derhaag Motosports "machine", as they once again grabbed the overall and Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 pole on Saturday morning. Gregg's, Jim Derhaag built Corvette has been freakishly reliable, with fifty nine straight races without a DNF coming into the weekend. They would leave with two more. The father and son team of Kenny and Jordan Bupp are always a threat wherever they show up and this weekend would not be any different. Kenny, a veteran of many IMSA Camel GT and Trans Am wars was in his trusty Riley & Scott chassis Camaro and Jordan was piloting his Hoerr chassis Corvette. Kenny took the second overall spot in qualifying with a 1:51.794 clocking on a very slick track. Jordan slotted in third in the Hamilton Safe/Horsepower Sales Corvette with Bob Borders taking the fourth spot in his Corvette.

Former Nascar Goody's Dash champ Larry Hoopaugh grabbed the fifth overall spot and tops in the PitBoxes.com V8 SPO class. New Smyrna Beach, Florida's Ron Stanley grabbed the second spot in the class in his ex Nascar Cup Dodge Charger. V8 GT-1 drivers Tom Keleher and Charles Wicht nailed down the next two slots. Wicht lost an SB2 Chevy motor in the process and would spend the rest of the weekend thrashing to get ready for Sunday afternoon's final.

Keith Goldin was tops in the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 Class in the Goldin Brothers Racing Mazda RX8. The car is a former Grand Am Rolex GT entry that has competed in several Rolex 24 Hour races. Ernest Wilding grabbed the second spot in his BMW M3 with Sid Collins third.

Three veterans of the short track stock car racing world grabbed the top three spots in V8 GTA with Alabama's Roger Reuse and brother Bobby taking 1st and 2nd with Ricky Sanders, son of Georgia racing legend Ronnie Sanders slotting in third. In his best qualifying effort at Daytona, Hall Robertson nailed the fourth spot. Former track record holder Butch Kummer had some mechanical gremlins that kept him from challenging for the pole.

The green dropped on the field at 2:24 on Saturday with Gregg holding off the Bupp's into turn one......but barely. Jordan slipped by dad Kenny and went hunting the smooth driving Gregg. The trio ran within a few car length's for the first few laps when Jordan began suffering a double whammy, a loss of rear brakes and blistered rubber. Kenny Bupp moved past Jordan and valiantly gave chase to the fleeing Gregg. Kenny Bupp, at 75 years young still has the physical endurance, skill, determination and maybe more importantly, the racecraft to deal with racers less than half his age. The elder Bupp finished on the podium at the SCCA Trans Am race at Road America in 2010 and this weekend put everyone on notice that he can still get it done.

Back in the field, Larry Hoopaugh was charging up from his last place starting spot as result of being late to the grid. Hoopaugh was on a mission to get to the front, sliding the car through the infield chasing front running Ron Stanley in his Nascar Cup Dodge Charger.

The V8 GTA racers were going at it, with the " Alabama Gang", Bobby and Roger Reuse battling with Ricky Sanders while Cameron Lawrence was on the move trying to get into the fight.

In V8 GT-2, Keith Goldin led early but quickly began suffering fuel pressure issues and dropped back. Ernest Wilding picked up the point and was outpacing Sid Collins Porsche 911 and William Thomas' Mustang.

When the checker flew, Gregg had a few second advantage over Kenny Bupp for the overall and V8 GT-1 win, with Jordan Bupp, not too far in arrears despite the handling and braking issues. Hoopaugh caught and passed a determined Ron Stanley for the V8 SPO win and fourth overall. Stanley had run a strong and impressive race and garnered his best ever finish in the series.

Roger Reuse got his first win at Daytona in the V8 GTA class, holding off the hard charging Ricky Sanders and brother Bobby. Cameron Lawrence came home fourth with Georgia's Randy Gay fifth in the ex Reed Sorenson ASA DELCO Dodge Intrepid.

Wilding got the V8 GT2 win with Collins and Thomas filling out the podium.

On Sunday, Simon Gregg again led the field to green and as before led every lap with the Bupp's right there to pounce if he slipped up.
Charles Wicht had finished up installing his new mill just in time to make the race, but had to start shotgun on the field. Wicht quickly carved through the slower cars and headed to the front. Jay Lawrence, Cameron's Dad and crew chief had been busy all weekend taking care of some mechanical issues that cropped up on the number 23 Regal Boats Impala but when it was time to go, the Lawrence Racing team was ready. Cameron was on fire in this race, the youngster has gotten used to winning this season and didn't want a repeat of Saturday's fourth place finish. He quickly dispatched his closest competition the Reuse brothers and was soon running in the sixth overall position and destroying the V8 GTA class record with a 1:57.007.

The race ended under a full course caution due to a couple of cars stuck off course and oil deposited in turn one.

Simon Gregg, Kenny Bupp, and Jordan Bupp were the top three overall and in V8 GT-1. Charles Wicht had charged up to fourth overall in his V8 GT-1 Rocketsports Corvette, followed by Larry Hoopaugh (first in V8 SPO), Cameron Lawrence (first in V8 GTA).

Robert Borders had a fine drive to seventh overall in his V8 GT-1 Corvette and Keith Goldin easily took the measure of the V8 GT2 field in his RX8. Goldin leads the class points at the halfway point in the season. ARCA racer AJ Henriksen was finding the handle on his brand new Camaro and had a good outing on Sunday.

While a number of our racers had a tough weekend battling the heat and mechanical gremlins, all agreed they will be ready to do it again at the big "D".

A big thanks goes out the CFR SCCA for hosting and sanctioning the weekend.

The V8 Series also thanks its' partners and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer

Next up for the group is Charlotte Motor Speedway on August 18 .


Crane Cams V8StockCar at Daytona presented by RaceCar Eng.


Just about every club racer I have met, at some point has dreamed about competing in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The twice around the clock endurance race that traces its' origin back to the Daytona Continental first held in 1962, where Dan Gurney won in a Lotus 19 B. The quick thinking Gurney, who lost the motor with just minutes to go, parked the car high on the banking right in front of the flagstand and just let it roll down hill and across the finish line when the checker waved. For most, competing in the Rolex, where some of racings greatest names like Andretti, Foyt, Rodriquez, Donahue, Miles, Ruby, Redman, Gregg, Haywood, Ickx shined, will remain just that, a dream. But for a few, namely the Crane Cams V8 StockCar racers, they will get to live out their dream, flying around the banking on the 3.56 mile road course, and in some cases, even reaching speeds faster than their hero's.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar racers will be competing with the Central Florida Region SCCA at their annual Daytona Classic on May 5&6. Nearly forty points chasing GT and StockCar racers are expected, including PorterField Enterprises V8 GT-1 points leader Simon Gregg in his Derhaag Motorsports Corvette., two time 2011 winner Charles Wicht in his Rocketsports chassis Corvette, four time class champion, Dave Machavern in his Riggins Engineering Falcon, Bill Riddell in the sister Riggins Falcon, former champ Jeff Emery in his fast winged Monte Carlo, Tom Keleher in his strong running Camaro, and former IMSA Camel GT winner Bob Borders in his Corvette, to name just a few in the V8 GT-1 class. The V8 GT-1 cars are basically the same as the SCCA Trans Am Series cars and at Daytona, the fastest can top 200 mph and cut laps around 1:47.

The Crane Cams V8 Series has three other classes of fast, high horsepower racers. In the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 class, Points leader Keith Goldin will be on hand in his Riggins Engineering built ex Grand Am Rolex GT Mazda RX8. Goldin is one of the lucky ones that has competed in the Rolex 24, driving the same car with brother Steve. Squeak Kennedy, driving the BEMCO Fabrication C6 Corvette will give Goldin a test. The V8 GT-2 cars are ex World Challenge, Rolex GT, SCCA GT-2 types and similar. The class is a mix of custom tube frame chassis and those built from factory cars. They are capable of hitting 180 mph at Daytona and running lap times under 2:00.

The PitBoxes.com V8 SPO class is comprised of ex Nascar Sprint Cup, Nationwide, ARCA, Hooters cars as well as the late model stock cars. The big ex Nascar and ARCA cars weigh 3400 pounds with driver and are allowed full cup motors making more than 800 horsepower. The much lighter late model types weigh in at about 2800 pounds and are limited to motors making about 650 horsepower. The formula works well and the two types are very, very close in performance. These car can hit 190 mph at Daytona and can cut lap times in the 1:53-1:56 range. Race winners in this class include former three time Nascar Goody's Dash Champ Larry Hoopaugh, ARCA & Grand Am competitor Bob Mitten, 2012 Crane Cams V8 Series class champ Paul Breehne and former champ Lee Arnold.

Just maybe the "best bang for the buck" or more aptly put, "the most speed for the buck" in road racing is found in the V8 GTA class. These are high performing, perimeter, tube frame stock cars weighing about 2800# with 500 horsepower. They utilize common and affordable short track stock car parts, and are riding on sticky but cheap ten inch wide stock car tires. These cars can be bought used in good condition for about twenty thousand dollars, yet they are capable of topping 180 mph at Daytona and running lap times in the 1:58-2:00 range. They feature safe, well designed and constructed chassis by some of the best car builers in the business. Look for 2011 champ Randy Walker, young Cameron Lawrence, Butch Kummer, Randy Gay, Hall Robertson and others to put on a show at Daytona.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series wishes to thank the Central Florida Region SCCA and its staff for the great job they do hosting these events. CFR SCCA holds three race events at D.I.S. each year plus the April driver school and PDX.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series wishes to thank its' partners for their support, and they are:
Crane Cams, SCCA, RaceCar Engineering,Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine



Hoopaugh Grading Company Twins at CMP



The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series racers descended on Carolina Motorsports Park near Kershaw, South Carolina on March 31 & April 1 for the third round of the 2012 season. The event was hosted by the South Carolina Region SCCA at their annual Buck Muse Memorial races. Twenty V8 racers were on hand for the weekend including four time V8 GT-1 champ Dave Machavern and SCCA Trans Am 2011 runner up Simon Gregg. Both Gregg and Machavern tested on Friday with the two running similar lap times. Machavern, who was making his season debut after suffering a non racing related neck and back injury, had a high speed spin during the test which aggravated his neck injury. Mac decided that it would be best to sit this one out, recover fully and return at Daytona in May. V8 SPO racer Randy Gay had his late model out for the test and cut some quick laps before succumbing to a mechanical problems that sidelined him for the weekend. The Hoopaugh Grading Company, owned by V8 racer and two champion Larry Hoopaugh, came on board for the event, sponsoring Hoosier tire bucks for the four winners of Sundays races. Saturday morning's qualifying went off on a damp track with a few of the group deciding to sit it out and just start from the back. With Machavern out, Gregg was easily the class of the field, grabbing the class and overall pole by a wide margin.
Behind Gregg, Bill Porter put his fast Pontiac Grand Prix in the second overall and first in the V8 GTA class. Porter was followed by Wayne Cabaniss in his Corvette V8 GT-1, Steve Epley in his V8 GT2 Corvette and Randy Walker in his V8 GTA Monte Carlo. Michael Moulton, Ricky Sanders, Mark Davis, Miles Barefoot and Tom Vlasak rounded out the top ten overall.

By early afternoon the clouds and light rain had moved on and the race went off at 3:45 as scheduled. At the start, Simon Gregg lit the fire in his 800 plus horsepower Derhaag Motorsports Corvette, the same immaculately prepared machine that carried him to a runner up finish in the 2011 SCCA Trans Am Championship. While the near bulletproof rocket of Gregg was running off and hiding from the field, there was some good racing going on with Bill Porter, Wayne Cabaniss, Steve Epley and Ricky Sanders battling.
Cabaniss was strong early in his C4 V8 GT-1 utilizing his "little" 331 cubic inch motor move into second overall past Porter before his brakes and well used rubber began to give up. Ricky Sanders was on the move and was now challenging Cabaniss and Porter. Epley was still running strong in his V8 GT2 Corvette, which really handles well in a straight line with its' LS7 mill. Porter hung onto the V8 GTA lead for nine laps despite Sanders putting the pressure on. On lap 10 of 14, Porter got in to turn 10 a bit hot letting Sanders get by for a lead he would not relinquish.

At the checker, Gregg had built up nearly a forty second margin over second overall running Sanders and had lapped all but Sanders and Porter. Epley came home fourth overall and first in V8 GT2 with Cabaniss fifth and the hard charging Hoopaugh up to sixth overall, and first in V8 SPO. Miles Barefoot got second in V8 GT2 in his Porsche. Newcomer Stuart Lysett ran strong early in his new V8 SPO Camaro as did Mickey Wright in her Ford Fusion that is prepped by Lysett. V8 GT2 new guys Mike Moulton and Tom Vlasak had good runs in their Porsche's. V8 Series veteran Mark Davis picked up a podium in V8 GT-1 in his Camaro.

Sunday's race again was marked by the speed of Simon Gregg in the Corvette. Gregg won again overall but maybe more impressively this marked the 57th race in a row in his Derhaag Motorsports Corvette without a DNF. Larry Hoopaugh and crew had been feverishly working on the car to get it better hooked up and it paid off with a second overall and first in V8 SPO. Sanders again took the win in V8 GTA while grabbing the third overall spot. Stuart Lysett came home fourth overall and second in V8 SPO in the new Camaro. Lysett, a short track racer was in his first road racing weekend. Bill Porter brought his racer home fifth overall and second in V8 GTA despite finishing on totally worn out rubber. Miles Barefoot got his first Crane Cams V8 Series win in the V8 GT2 class in his Porsche over Epley, Moulton and Vlasak. Mickey Wright came home seventh overall and continues to improve after coming over from circle track racing.

Ricky Sanders and Miles Barefoot won the drawing for 250 bucks each of Crane Cams Products and the duo also picked up Hoosier tire bucks courtesy of the Hoopaugh Grading Company for their Sunday wins as did Simon Gregg.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series thanks the South Carolina Region SCCA for putting on a fine event with their usual great hospitality.

The V8 Series also thanks its' partners and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRace



V8Stockcar 2012 Winter Heat



For Camaro Cup Results Please Go To The V8 Forum Under Camaro Cup Sewden



Camaro Cup/V8Stockcar @ Sebring International Raceway Feb. 11-12, 2012

Camaro Cup/V8Stockcar @ Palm Beach International Raceway Feb. 18-19 2012


2012 V8Stockcar Super 8 Schedule

February 11-12
Sebring International Raceway 3.7 mile


February 18-19

Palm Beach International Raceway 2.034 mile
March 30-31
Carolina Motorsports Park 2.279 mile


May 5-6

Daytona International Speedway 3.56 mile
August 18-19
Charlotte Motor Speedway 2.25 mile
September 15-16
Homestead-Miami Speedway 2.21 mile
October 6-7
Roebling Road Raceway 2.02 mile
November 2-3
Road Atlanta 2.54 mile


8 Tracks 8 Events 16 Races




The 2011 V8 StockCar season produced close competition between a variety of drivers in various makes. In addition there were some series firsts, as in the first V8 Series championships by Ford's. Except for the Palm Beach event where he used his venerable Corvette for the last time to pick up a win, Dave Machavern, driving his new Riggins Competition built silhouette 1963 Falcon, picked up his fourth straight V8 GT-1 Championship. Machavern, with five race wins in the Ford, plus the one in the Corvette, had a big points lead going into the final at the American Road Race of Champions where a podium finish more than gave him enough to again take the title over Ray Webb. Tommy Riggins showed up at the August Daytona race in the Machavern Falcon as Dave could not be on hand. Tommy practiced the car on Friday cutting an incredible 1:46.8 lap in 100 degree weather. Riggins raced on Saturday taking the pole, dominating the race and destroying the class track record. Obviously, Mr. Riggins, a former IMSA and Grand Am Champion hasn't forgotten how to do this. Alex Gonzalez returned to the series in his fast V8 GT-1 Camaro, running at Daytona and Homestead.
Gonzalez picked up a win at each track. Juan Vento, driving his beautiful Corvette, got his first series win on Sunday at Homestead.
SCCA Trans Am Series star Simon Gregg moonlighted with us at the ARRC, taking the V8 GT-1 win along with breaking his own track record in the process.

Paul Breehne Jr picked up his first V8 championship taking the V8 SPO class in his RoushYates Performance Parts Ford Fusion. Breehne from Naples, Florida, twice a bridesmaid to Larry Hoopaugh in 2009 and 2010, Picked up two wins the first weekend at Sebring, got one at Palm Beach, doubled again at VIR, and then again at Daytona to take the title over Hoopaugh, 144 to 123. Breehne will return in 2012 with a new Mustang built by his crew chief Mike Breault. Seventeen year old Bobby Kennedy made his first start in a V8 StockCar at PBIR in April and stunned everyone in attendance with his speed, car control and aggression. Kennedy won his first race ever on Saturday and was challenging for another on Sunday when his brakes went away. Young Kennedy was wheeling a V8 SPO Monte Carlo prepared by Woody Wood of BEMCO Fabrication. In 2012 Kennedy will be shoeing a 2011 Camaro V8 GT-1 built by BEMCO. Roanoke, Virginia's Rich Koehler was impressive at his home track, VIR, garnering a win in his only appearance in 2011.
Grant Leadbetter, in his ex Nascar Cup Dodge was impressive at the ARRC winning the race and setting the V8 SPO fast lap.

In the V8 GTA class,  Kentucky's Randy Walker picked up his second championship in the last three years with a dominating performance, winning nine races total, including the American Road Race of Champions. Walker had a 192 to 164 advantage over nineteen year old University of Central Florida student Cameron Lawrence, who was sensational in the second half of the season winning four times and finishing right behind Walker at the ARRC to secure second in points in his first season. Tom Graham took three wins on the year and came home third in the class points.
Rob Morris dominated at VIR winning all three races. The VIR event with Grand Am and Trans Am was the only three race weekend of the year.

In V8 GT2, Arcadia, Florida's Bill McGavic piloting his rotary rocket tube frame Mazda RX7 led in points most of the season, before two time champion Bob Mayer returned to the series in his CrossRoads Motorsports Corvette and made his usual late season charge. Mayer, from Duluth, Georgia picked up three wins before the ARRC at Barber (1) and Roebling (2). At the ARRC, Mayer had some great racing with Mazda racer Jeff Dernehl in his tube frame RX7, but prevailed in the feature race giving him his third championship ring in three years. Mayer remains the only champ the class has known. South Florida Corvette racer Dell Haverland picked up his first two series wins in 2011, capturing both ends of the PBIR event in April. North Carolina's Pete Johns picked up two V8 GT-2 wins on the year as well, taking both at VIR in his Pontiac Trans Am.

It was an exciting 2011 and we will get ready to do it all over again beginning February 11th with the Central Florida Region SCCA at Sebring International Raceway

The Series wishes to thank its' class sponsors they are:

V8 GT-1: Porterfield Enterprises
V8 GT-2: LG Motorsports
V8 GTA: Howe Racing
V8 SPO: PitBoxes.com

We are especially grateful to our partners for the help they provide, they are; Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing, PitBoxes.com, GoPro, RaceTalkRadio.com, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, Mo's Gold, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer, Randy Lajoie
for more info on the series check out: www.V8stockcar.com
for more about Crane Cams fine line of performance products go to www.cranecams.com


Crane Cams and the V8 StockCar Road Racing Series announced today that they have joined forces. Crane Cams, an iconic and pioneering name in the performance and racing industry, will become the title sponsor for the V8 StockCar Road Racing Series for 2012. The Series will now be known as the Crane Cams V8 StockCar Road Racing Series. Crane Cams, founded in 1953 has become legendary for its' powerful precision ground cams, innovative valve train components and technically advanced ignition systems

"We have been looking to expand our presence in the road racing and club racing community and we feel that the V8 StockCar Series is an excellent vehicle for that purpose as they compete mainly with the big, booming American V8's that we love," stated Terry Johnson, Crane's Ignition Product Manager. Johnson went on to say that, "Crane has the right products, technical expertise, and product support to provide V8 competitors with the power and reliability they need."

V8 StockCar President Lee Arnold stated that "We are thrilled that Crane Cams, one of the great names in motorsports, has elected to partner with us, we look forward to growing the series and this partnership certainly affords us a great opportunity."

In addition to Championship Rings for each class champion and significant contingency payments, eligible competitors will have access to some of the best technical support the industry has to offer.

The V8 StockCar Road Racing Series is a touring, points championship series for fast, high horsepower stock cars and GT machines. The series debuted in 2004 at Virginia International Raceway and 2012 will mark the ninth year for the series. The V8 series has four classes of cars that compete on some of the nations most challenging road courses, including, Sebring, Palm Beach, Carolina Motorsports Park, Daytona, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Homestead-Miami, Roebling Road and Road Atlanta. The V8 Series had a support race for ARCA at PBIR in 2010 and at VIR with Grand Am and Trans Am in 2011.

This year there is an eight race weekend schedule that kicks off February 11-12 at historic Sebring International Raceway with the Central Florida Region SCCA and the european Nordic Camaro Cup. The following weekend the series will move to Palm Beach International Raceway with the Historic SportsCar Racing Association. These two events will be known as the "V8 Winter Heat" and the top points earner in all classes will take home the Winter Heat trophy. The series will visit other great race tracks around the southeast and in November the series will conclude at Road Atlanta with the American Road Race of Champions presented by GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, where the series champions will be crowned.

The four V8 StockCar classes are:

V8GT-1: The sophisticated SCCA GT-1 types and similar that make up to 800 horsepower and can hit 200 mph at Daytona

V8GT-2: mostly racers built from production cars, including Corvette's, Vipers, Panoz, BMW, Porsche, plus the tube frame SCCA GT2's

V8SPO: ex Nascar Cup & Nationwide types plus the super late models often seen on short tracks around the country

V8GTA: SCCA GTA types and late model tube frame stock cars with about 500 HP that weigh about 2800 pounds with driver

For more information on the the V8 StockCar Series check out www.V8stockcar.com

To learn more about Crane Cams fine line of performance products go to www.cranecams.com
The V8 StockCar racers kicked off the 2010 season at Sebring International Raceway February 20 & 21, once again challenging the famous 12 hour course while running with the Central Florida Region SCCA. We had a brief respite from the cold as the temps were in the low 70's and the sky's clear for the weekend, ideal for some fast laps and great competition.

On Saturday morning Dave Machavern put his familiar Heritage Motorsports Corvette on the overall and V8 GT-1 pole with a quick 2:08.396 despite having some fuel delivery problems. "Babe" Branscombe took the second spot in the class in his ex Spirit of Daytona Corvette with Canada's Marco Cirone third in his brand new Porsche GT3 Patron Cup Car. Paul Breehne put the Rousch/Yates Performance Parts Ford Fusion on the V8 SPO pole with a 2:11.996. Kansas Tornado, Ron "Burr" Keith took out the GTA record with a blistering 2:15.305 and Doug Wilson and his Cherry Cars BMW M3 wiped
out Michael Wheeler's year old V8 GT2 class standard with a 2:19.411.

When the green dropped for Saturday's race Machavern led with the surprising Branscombe hot on his heels. Branscombe dogged Mac for the first
few laps before fading and then succumbing to mechanical issues. Breehne and 2009 V8 SPO Champ Larry Hoopaugh were waging a battle for
supremacy, trading the lead early, with Breehne getting the better of it late, taking the class win and second overall. Marco Cirone seemed to get faster as the race wore on as Porsche's often do. Marco brought his white steed home third overall and second in V8 GT-1 to Machavern.

In V8 GT2, Doug Wilson was cruising to a comfortable class win over Dell Haverland and his new C6 Corvette, built from a stock tub. Wilson was driving the wheels off the blue BMW and was enjoying terrorizing some of the GTA cars, as they would rocket away from him in a straight line, only to find him driving down the inside of them at the next corner.

In V8 GTA, Jay Marshall led early, and in the process destroyed Keith's one day old class track record with a smokin' fast 2:14.138. Burr got the
gold though as Marshall suffered a broken axle on lap nine. "Hollywood " Graham ran a great race and came home second in class to Keith with
2009 GTA Champ Randy Walker taking the final spot on the podium.

Sunday's Race featured a stirring battle between the Corvette's of Machavern and Branscombe with Branscombe turning the tables this time.
Machavern led for the first few laps, but left the door slightly ajar and the bold Branscombe drove it in there and made it stick. Despite
relentless pressure from Mac the rest of the way, the "Babe" never faltered and took home the overall win.

In V8 SPO, Hoopaugh got revenge on Breehne, grabbing the lead early and bringing home his big stock car third overall. Randy Walker returned
to 2009 form taking the V8 GTA win with Ron Keith second, Graham third, followed by Tom Boldry and Steve Wiles.

Doug Wilson got his second GT2 class win of the weekend over Ernest Wildings M3 and Terry Taylor's Z car.

All in all, a good start to the season with two new track records and a first time winner, in Branscombe. By sunday afternoon the group was already
making plans to be a part of the ARCA Tire Kingdom 150 at Palm Beach with only five days to lick their wounds and get down to PBIR.

V8Stockcar Winter Heat 2010


The V8 StockCar Road Racing Series will kick off 2010 with its' Winter Heat, running on familiar ground at Sebring International Raceway with the Central Florida Region SCCA, February 20 & 21. Historically, this has been a well attended event and some thirty cars are expected to test the famous 12 hour course.

The following weekend the V8 Series will be at Palm Beach International Raceway as the support series to the ARCA series.
This will be an exciting weekend for competitors and fans alike as the 800 plus horsepower ARCA cars, with their stars of the future test the two mile circuit.
ARCA, well known as a training ground for NASCAR and other series, has always prided itself on being a series that challenges it drivers by scheduling races on short tracks, superspeedways, dirt and road courses. NASCAR stars like Mark Martin, Tim Richmond, Charlie Glotzbach, Davey Allison, Ernie Irvan, Michael Waltrip, Harry Gant, Kyle Petty, Joe Ruttman, Brett Bodine and many more spent time learning their craft in ARCA before moving on to success in Nascar and other forms of racing. Nothing has changed and you can look for big things from current and recent ARCA stars like Justin Allgaier, Justin Lofton, Parker Kligerman, Joey Coulter, Colin Braun, and Scott Lagasse Jr.

The V8 StockCar Road Racing Series is a points championship racing series that competes on North America's finest road courses including Daytona, Sebring, Road Atlanta, VIR, Barber Motorsports Park and more The V8 Series will bring its' four classes of ground pounding rockets with bigs field expected. Just some of the top competitors expected for the Winter Heat are former Grand Am Champ and two time V8 GT-1 Champ Dave Machavern, ten time race winner Charles Wicht, 2009 V8 GTA champ Randy Walker, 2008 V8 GTA Champ Tony Amico, former three time Nascar Dash Champ and 2009 V8 SPO champ Larry Hoopaugh, 2007 V8 GTA champ Jay Marshall, 2009 SCCA SARRC GT-1 champ Ray Webb and many more.

V8 StockCar's four classes are:

V8 GT-1: SCCA GT-1 Corvettes, Camaro's Mustang's' etc, plus Grand Am Rolex GT cars
V8 GT-2: SCCA World Challenge cars, Grand Am Koni Challenge SCCA GT-2 and the like

V8 SPO: ex Nascar Cup, Nationwide, Hooters Cup, Late model stock cars
V8 GTA: SCCA GTA stock cars, 500 hp

Be there this February when the V8 Series turns up the "Winter Heat."


Mo's Gold Champoinships At Road Atlanta


Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida's Simon Gregg took both the six lap sprint race and the twenty lap feature race at the The American Road Race of Champions November 6 & 7 at Road Atlanta Raceway. The event was also the final round of the V8 StockCar Road Racing Series. Gregg, driving the number 59 Derhaag Motorsports Corvette started from the pole in both races after posting a quick 1:24.471 in qualifying with Bill Smith in his winged late model stock car and former Grand Am Series champ Dave Machavern in his Tommy Riggins Corvette right behind.  At the green in Friday's sprint race, Gregg got a great start and slipped away to a several second advantage as Smith and Machavern battled for second. Machavern held the number two slot the entire race, but was under constant attack from "Wild Bill" in the winged stock car that is painted and decaled up to look like a 1955 Chevy Bel Air.Gregg's margin of victory at the checker was nearly five seconds. With his second place finish, Machavern locked up the V8 StockCar Series V8 GT-1 title for the second straight year, taking home the Mo's Gold Championship Ring.

Gregg started Saturday's feature race from the pole again and used the big horsepower in his orange rocket to power away from Smith and
Machavern. Smith started second and pulled away from Machavern about one half second a lap. The race was pretty uneventful for the top three in the V8 GT-1 with Gregg finishing some twenty plus seconds ahead of Smith, with Machavern another five seconds or so behind. Bob Monette had a fine drive in his new Tony Ave built Mustang coming home fourth. Monette's daughter, Paige, demonstrated she can handle the big horsepower as well coming home seventh overall and fifth in V8 GT-1 in her Ave prepped Corvette. Paige was quickly adapting to her new ride and was running her best laps at the end.

In the V8 SPO class for the high horsepower stock cars, Paul Breehne drove his best race ever, holding off three time Nascar Dash Series champ Larry Hoopaugh and a very quick Grant Leadbetter. Breehne was running his best laps ever at Road Atlanta and was really liking the set up car chief Mike Breault gave him. Hoopaugh kept trying to make a move inside of Breehne lap after lap in the high speed turn one, but could never quite make it stick. On about lap fifteen Hoopaugh spun there nearly getting stuck in the gravel trap. Hoopaugh made it out of the trap and was able to soldier on for a third place class finish, giving him the Mo's Gold Class Championship Ring.

Everyone knew the V8 GTA race would be hotly contested with about ten cars less than two seconds a lap apart and with some of those still getting quicker as they were still learning North America's toughest race course. At the green Ron "Burr" Keith and Road Atlanta master Bob Stretch pulled out from the group and battled for all twenty laps. The pressure from Stretch on Keith was relentless, but the leader of the "Kansas Tornadoes" just wouldn't wilt. In one of the best big bore races ever at the ARRC Keith "manned up" and hung on to defeat Stretch, one of the most prolific drivers of Road Atlanta. Disappointingly, the race would be lost in the tech shed as Keith's racer turned up a fraction of an inch too low, handing Stretch the win. Kentucky's Randy Walker moved to second in the order, which coupled with Tony Amico's horrible luck gave him the V8 StockCar series V8 GTA Championship. Amico went into the final race with a twelve point lead over Walker for the Championship but was taken out on lap three and the resulting DNF and no points handed the Mo's Gold Ring to Walker

In V8 GT2, Raeford, North Carolina's Chris Ingle took the overall, TCC class, and V8 StockCar GT2 wins Saturday, Ingle's margin of victory was just 2/10's of a second over Bob Mayer in his C6 Corvette. Mayer, who had started on the pole with a new V8 Series track record, had led every lap, but Ingle never lost contact and as the two began to work lapped traffic, Ingle closed in.

As the pair came down the hill on the twentieth and last lap, Ingle got a great run and worked to the inside of Mayer, driving it in there deeper than ever, made it stick and just edged Mayer at the checker. Mayer did get the STO class win as well as becoming the first V8 StockCar series V8 GT2 champion, winning by just three points over Cape Coral, Florida's Doug Wilson in his BMW M3. Wilson came into the final weekend with a seven point advantage over Mayer, but down about 100 horsepower and in his first weekend of racing at Road Atlanta, Wilson and his Bimmer just couldn't hang with the Vette's. Ed Lewis finished third in the V8GT2 class for both the race and the points battle giving CrossRoads Motorsports Sam Power two of the top three spots in the Championship. Power preps both Mayer's and Lewis' Vette's.  Mayer took home the Mo's Gold Champions ring for his season efforts.

The V8 Series thanks the Atlanta Region SCCA, it's workers, and the ARRC committee for the outstanding job handling the events logistics. It was truly a "professional event."

A giant thank you to Joe and Trish Mobley of Mo's Gold for their continued support of the series and for sponsoring the beautiful silver rings for our Champions.

The V8 Series partners are instrumental in the continued success and they are: Mo'sGold, GoPro, SCCA,Atlanta Region SCCA, RaceTalkRadio.com, TrackTek Race Fuels,Hoosier, Goodyear,Howe, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering, DRP, RacingJunk.com, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, Racing Limo's, Dash Racewear, SaferRacer, Randy Lajoie and Hess Racing Products.




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