American V8 Stock Car Road Racing Series - 2005

(February 18, 2005) – The American V8 Stock Car Road Racing Series would like to offer all teams racing ASA or I-power/Goody’s Dash stock cars the opportunity to race in the American V8 Stock Car series and with the Sports Car Club of America in 2005.  These circle track race cars already meet the technical rules of the series and the safety rules of the SCCA.  Therefore, aside from suspension set-up changes for the road courses, these circle track teams and drivers will have an excellent opportunity to try their hand at stock car road racing.

The American V8 Stock Car series, which continues to grow, would also like to announce two new series volunteers – Andrew Blaske ( from Saulkville, Georgia, and Carey Giadosh ( from Forty Fort, Pennsylvania.  They will assist American V8 Stock Car by serving as contacts for series competitors based in the central and northeast portions of the region.

The series has also changed its 2005 schedule.  Problems between the SCCA and track management forced the American V8 Stock Car series to replace a summer trip to Barber Motorsports Park with an event at Watkins Glen on July 23 and 24.  (Competitors and fans may have noticed that the series had originally scheduled the Watkins Glen race weekend for later in 2005.)  Otherwise, the American V8 Stock Car Series schedule remains unchanged for 2005.  But stay tuned for POSSIBLY a new venue and event on the series schedule in the future.

Hoosier Race Tires has established a contingency program for the 2005 American V8 Stock Car series season.  This year, Hoosier will provide a $100 product certificate to the first place finisher in each series race and give away three race tires to select series competitors at each race weekend.  At the end of the 2005 season, Hoosier will also award a championship jacket and a set of four tires to the series points champion, two tires for second place and one tire for third place.  (Please consult the Hoosier 2005 Contingency Program press release posted on for further details.)

American V8 Stock Car has also contracted with Chas Howe and his company to produce two new road racing-spec, turnkey stock car chassis for the series.  The NASCAR Late Model car (#55 pictured above) is available for approximately $47,000.  The ASA National Touring Car-style racer (#44 pictured below) is available for approximately $50,000.  Of course, both chassis can be equipped with different engine and bodywork options. Stay tuned for more information.

American V8 Stock Car series officials also received correspondence recently from accomplished sports car road racer Andy Lally, who expressed his interest in driving a road racing stock car.  It turns out that Andy, who has raced at Daytona and Sebring, and in the American Le Mans, Grand-Am and SCCA pro series, has been a stock car racing fan his entire life.  The series hopes to have Andy in a stock car at the season opener at Sebring later this month.

Finally, a strange bit of news.  Bob Tyo, Jr., who is in the process of restoring an ex-Dave Marcis Oldsmobile Cutlass (#71 pictured below in September 1983) to race in the American V8 Stock Car series, relayed to series officials an interesting story about the car’s “history.”  But it’s not exactly the kind of history (race) you might think.  Back when Dave raced the car in the ‘80s, it was sponsored by “Throttle’s” restaurant.  After the car was retired from racing, and some extensive cleaning and cutting, the restaurant converted the Olds into a SALAD BAR, complete with food bins in the trunk and the engine compartment!  Needless to say, it took Bob quite a bit of work to get the car ready to race again.

As always, American V8 Stock Car series officials would like to thank the sponsors (Goodyear, Sunoco, Spector Racing, Five Star Racecar Bodies, Racecar Engineering, Racing Electronics, DRP Performance, Mintex Racing, Howe Racing Enterprises and Tex Racing) for their continued support of the series.  This year, Goodyear will continue to offer their contingency program and $400 sets of race tires to series competitors, and serve as the official race tire of the American V8 Stock Car series.  Meanwhile, Sunoco will continue to provide 70 free gallons of racing fuel each race weekend in 2005 and serve as the official race fuel of the American V8 Stock Car series.

For an updated 2005 race schedule, and more information about the American V8 Stock Car series and the first race of the season at Sebring on February 26 and 27, please go to The series also plans to update and improve the Classifieds section of the web site. For information about locating road racing stock cars, please visit the web site or contact American V8 Stock Car series officials at  

Andy Flinn, public relations and media associate for the American V8 Stock Car series, can also be reached at