He may not be able to throw a tight spiral seventy yards downfield like the ex NFL quarterback of the same name, but he has shown that he can lap Sebring International just as fast as road racing super stars Boris Said and Paul Gentilozzi in an SCCA Trans Am car.  Racings' Phil Simms, the reigning SCCA GT-1 National Champ, had a dominating performance at Homestead - Miami Speedway January 14th taking the pole, running the race fast lap and winning the SCCA National/V8 StockCar race.  "Fast Phil" had to beat back some excellent competition from Jon "Chevy" Leavy, Mike Canney, Jeff Emery, Kenny Bupp and Glen Jung to get the job done though.

On Saturday, in qualifying, Mike Canney in his Sunset Vineyards Rocketsports Corvette layed down a fine 1.17.568 lap and "Chevy" Leavy wasn't far off at1.17.830 but Simms stunned the field with a 1.16.768 to take the pole.  Jeff Emery was fourth in 1.18.348, Glen Jung fifth in his amazing rotary powered rocket at 1.19.403 and Kenny Bupp sixth in his Hamilton Safe Camaro with a 1.19.864.
On Sunday, at the Green, the front five spread out and made a mad dash off the banking into turn one with Canney on top.  Canney looked strong and led the first three laps before flat spotting a tire on lap four and falling back.  Simms then took the point with "Chevy" and Emery battling hard for second and Bupp holding on to fourth.
Midway through the race the Camaro of Tony Wedderburn became heavily involved in fire laying thick black smoke over the track which led to the race being black flagged.
After the unplanned intermission, Simms and Leavy went back at it running some fast laps with speeds through the front straight about 180 mph.
With about five laps to go Emery lost the power steering in his Monte Carlo and had a couple excursions in the dirt as the car became a big handful.  With one lap to go Emery had to park it, moving Bupp to third.
At the Checker it was Simms in his beautiful Rocketsports Jaguar XKR, followed by local hero Leavy in his Camaro, Bupp in his Camaro, Glen Jung in the country's fastest RX7, and the hard charging Canney back up to fifth after falling to last when he had to stop for tires.
The V8 StockCar series will be back in action February 24 and 25 at Sebring with the full field in action including the StockCars.
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