Bill Smith had heard about all the noise Charles Wicht has been making in the V8 series lately since adding a V8 GT-1 wing and rubber to his already fast super late model.  Wicht has been winning overall and challenging V8 GT-1 track records wherever he shows up in his ex Kevin Harvick SouthWest Tour Monte Carlo.  Smith, who has long enjoyed beating up on the V8 GT-1 entry's in his V8 SPO class super late model and winning overall, knew what he had to do.  Smith had crew chief Andrew Blaske add the needed wing and big rubber to the SB2 Chevy powered rocket to even things up.  The impact was immediate as Smith put the big Chevy on the pole with a 1:09 and change clock that was some two seconds faster than he had gone before.  Wicht was not far behind at 1:10.
When the green dropped for the race, Smith spun the tires in the big Chevy, getting sideways, and had to check up a bit, scaring those behind him momentarily.  Smith, however, quickly gathered it up and was off, cutting laps near his qualifying time and outpacing the game Wicht by about a second a lap.  Charles was fighting a horrendous push in his racer but was still cutting laps around 1:10.
Back in third overall and in the V8 GT-1 class was Ray Webb running solidly in his Riggins Oldsmobile with its' new Byron Koury motor.  Webb, who came into the event third in V8 GT-1 points looked to move past Bill Ridell, who did not race this event.
At the Checker, the order remained the same with Smith getting the overall and V8 GT-1 win.  In V8 GTA, Tom "Hollywood" Graham led briefly, but had an off that put him a straightway behind Tony Amico who went on to victory.
In V8 SPO, Doug Sanders got the win in his Baucom Motorsports prepared ex NASCAR cup Monte Carlo.
The V8 StockCar Series thanks the Buccaneer Region SCCA officials and workers for another well run event.
The V8 group will be back in action November 7 & 8 at the American Road Race of Champions hosted by the Atlanta Region SCCA where some 40 plus stock cars and GT machines are expected.

V8 StockCar thanks it partners: SCCA, Buccaneer  Region SCCA, Mo's Gold, Hoosier, Goodyear, RaceCar Engineering, FiveStar, Howe, DRP,, Racing Limo's, Roehrig-Enders Suspension,  GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, and Dash Racewear.