At six foot eight inches and some 270 pounds, Butch Kummer looks more like an Ex NFL defensive end than a race car driver.  But Kummer has been racing and winning in something most of his adult life, (mostly corvettes with names like Godzilla and Lucifer). The weekend of September 23rd and 24th at the  SAARC Invitational Challenge at Roebling Road Raceway near Savannah was no different.
V8 StockCar regulars Kummer, Jeff Bailey and Bill Smith took home all the Gold in the three Big Bore V8 classes.  Kummer, driving his ex Joe Hooker GTA Monte Carlo, took the class win and the season championship with a stirring two tenths of a second victory over Steve McGowan.  McGowan's Monte Carlo filled up the rear view mirror of Kummer's car the entire race.
Bailey, the diminutive firefighter-racer from Orlando needed some help in the form of bad luck for V8 StockCar star Jeff Emery to win his GT-1 championship.  It came on lap five when Emery's quick change rear end self destructed giving him a DNF and zero points for the event.  Bailey cruised on, ultimately finishing second in the race to fast guy Terry Giles in his C5 Corvette.  Bailey's runner up finish gave him a four point victory for the year over the unlucky Emery, who had won most every race he had entered this year.
In the SAARC SPO class, Georgia's Bill Smith dominated the class and the race overall, setting a new course record for SPO in the process.  The win gave Smith the class championship over a hard charging, quickly improving Todd Carter from Alabama.
The V8 StockCar group will travel south to Homestead Speedway October 28 and 29 to test the high banks and tight infield there.
With the recent influx of current and ex oval track racers to V8 Stockcar, 2007 shapes up to be the most competitive year yet.  A ten race schedule starting at Sebring in January is planned.
Check out V8StockCar.com for more information on this great ground pounding series.
By:  "Bosco" Logsdon