Homestead 2006

Early morning showers dampened the Homestead track Saturday morning but not the racing action.

The V8 StockCar series ran with the Florida Region SCCA the October 28 and 29 weekend at Homestead and provided some great racing.

Qualifying on Saturday morning was delayed slightly due to the showers, but despite the still damp track, the boys cut some quick laps. Jeff Emery, the ex ASA tour and SCCA Trans Am racer took the pole at a 1.32 and change in his super later model converted to Trans Am type racer, complete with wing, 16 inch wheels and rubber and plenty of small block chevy power. Right behind Emery was Charlie Wicht from Big Pine Key in his ex Kevin Harvick SWT Monte Carlo at 1.33, followed by the Goliakov Speed GT Corvette and then Lee Arnold in his ex Kenny Schrader SWT car. Marshall Janney in one of the ex ASA tour cars took the V8 LM pole over the Miller Brothers, Steve and Matt, the East Bay Raceway dirt modified drivers, who were having their first taste of road racing. Tampa Bay area late model driver Andy Dyndul was looking quick but he backed into a tire wall ripping off the rear fiberglass. Andy and crew spent the rest of the morning repairing the damage to make the race and had to start shotgun on the field.

Saturday's race saw Emery rocket away at the green only to see the double yellow at the end of lap one due to Todd Lee's V8 GT-1 Toronado breaking something and ended up stranded on course.

On the restart, Charlie Wicht caught the others napping and jumped from fourth to leading Emery as they headed into turn one. The determined Emery, drove it in deep as they left the banking and retook the lead as Wicht decided that discretion was the better part of valor. It wouldn't have mattered though as Jeff once again demonstrated he has the right car and the right stuff and drove off. The racing behind Emery was excellent as Wicht and Arnold dueled for the V8 SC win with Wicht pulling out to about a three second lead only to see it disappear. With two laps to go, Arnold filled up Wicht's mirror, but as they came up on lapped traffic, Wicht deftly and cleanly got by with Arnold reaching the slower cars at precisely the wrong moment, just as they apexed onto the banking and up the front straight. This gave Wicht a few more car lengths breathing room and he cruised home to victory.

Marshall Janney overcame an early race snap spin and took a several seconds win in V8 LM over the Miller Brothers.

On Sunday, Emery again blistered the course and field winning overall and in V8 GT-1. Wicht and Arnold had another barn burner with Charlie nipping Arnold by a car length in V8 SC.

The best race of the weekend was between Marshall Janney and Steve Miller as they swapped the lead several times, with Steve inching out Janney at the checker, in a race that was so close neither driver knew who had won.

The V8 StockCar group will head to Road Atlanta for the ARRC (American Road Race of Champions) November 10 and 11. Forty plus GT-1 and StockCars are expected.

The V8 StockCar series thanks it's partners, Goodyear, Hoerr Racing Products, Sunoco, Five Star Race Car Bodies, RaceCar Engineering, Howe and Advanced Graphics.